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Madison Lyda
Student Life Editor

On a mission to motivate students to be more conscious about their health and well-being, the Aggie Rec Center has increased class availability and opportunity.

The Aggie Rec Center provides students opportunities to participate in many activities and workout classes.

In past semesters, the Aggie Rec Center provided classes such as water aerobics, yoga, Zumba and spin but the students requested more.

With the request in mind, Aggie Rec Center facility manager Otis Gentry set out to increase student wellness opportunities.

“The one thing about fitness is that you have to have a variety because the more variety that you have, the better your body will react,” Gentry said. “We want the students to engage more and feel that their goals are coming to action in a successful, healthy and comfortable way.”

The Aggie Rec Center now offers students over ten strength and wellness, high intensity workout classes ranging from spin, yoga, Zumba, cardio, toning, flexibility, Tabata, water aerobics, dance fitness, balance and core strength and fitness fusion.

Classes are designed for students of all physical strengths and weaknesses. Gentry hopes that the new classes will give students a place to put their goals in action by taking the initiative to succeed.

“It benefits them by boosting their self-esteem, motivation and helps create a goal setting mindset,” Gentry said. “We’re here to help the students and mentor them in any way that we can. We want to see them succeed just as much as they do.”

This new change grants students the opportunity to participate in classes at times that weren’t previously manageable with their schedules.

“The purpose of the Aggie Rec Center is to service students and give them a safe place to enact a healthy lifestyle,” Gentry said. “It’s our job to make sure they feel safe and able to reach their goals at any time, not certain times.”

Senior Health and Exercise science major Katie Pollard is an active participant in the Aggie Rec Center classes. Pollard shares her thoughts on the Aggie Rec Center classes make her feel.

“I really love the classes,” Pollard said. “They care about us here. They’re not just here to teach a class. They want to help students, and they want to get to know us. I come to spin to ease my anxiety, they come to see us succeed.”

Pollards advice to students who don’t want to work out in a group setting or don’t have the motivation and drive to start a new goal is to take the risk and just come hang out.

“If you don’t want to work out, just come hang out. There’s so much to do, and no matter what you’re doing here, you’re always being active and that’s so important,” Pollard said.

For students who aren’t interested in the workout classes at Aggie Rec Center, the center also offers different activities for students to enjoy.

Students have the opportunity to enjoy a game of badminton, basketball, personal workouts at the upstairs gym, indoor track and a pool.

The Aggie Rec Center also runs an intramural program.

Students can participate in competitions in badminton, dodgeball, basketball, volleyball, softball and flag football. Students can sign up to compete with a randomized team or can enter their own team in competitions.

Membership for the Aggie Rec Center comes included in mandatory student fees.

More information about workout classes, pool & schedules, equipment rentals and intramural signups, it can be found on the Aggie Access webpage or at the front desk of the Aggie Rec Center.


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