Review: Local Band Releases New Single

Zack Crow
Staff Writer

On April 15, local band Gannon Fremin and CCRev released their newest single “Can’t Help Myself”to iTunes and Spotify.

The single comes just seven months after the band released its first EP titled “Underage.”

CCRev originates in the Red Dirt or Texas Country genre from Oklahoma and Texas.

They are similar sonically to their predecessors “Cross Canadian Ragweed” and the “Turnpike Troubadours.”

When I saw that the band, which is made up of many friends of mine, released the single, I couldn’t help but look it up on iTunes and give it a listen.

The first thing I particularly noticed about the song was the certain sound it had with its dynamics. It reminded me of the Texas Country artist Koe Wetzel and his songs, largely because Wetzel and CCRev share the same producer: Fort Worth’s own Taylor Kimball.

As a fan of Wetzel’s, this made me really impressed with CCRev’s single’s sound; it is modern, but not like the new Nashville sound or “Pop-Country” junk I dislike.

The song starts off with what sounds like an electric guitar fading in and out by using a volume pedal or chorus effect pedal. After a measure or two, a palm-muted acoustic guitar joins in, establishing the up-tempo rhythm of the song.

Then comes Fremin’s vocals. I find it pleasing the way his voice fits in with the music. Their music tends to help establish the mood by combining with the melodic chord progression.

As the song goes on, the same melodic sound fits with the regretful and melancholic lyrics sung by Fremin.

I love the guitar tone that Travis Julian, the band’s lead guitarist, chose to use for the song.

It’s sort of a good mix of rock and twang; something Red Dirt and Texas Country is famous for.

The rest of the music in the song is recorded well and sounds great. If I were a new listener to Red Dirt and Texas Country, and I heard CCRev’s new single, I would fall in love with the genre and wouldn’t quit listening to songs like this one.

The first time I heard the single, I had the song on constant repeat.

If I were to rate the single on a five-star scale, I would give it four out of five.

It’s awesome.

So, if you’re looking for new music to listen to, go check out this single on iTunes.

You won’t be disappointed.


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