‘My Dear, Melancholy’: The Weeknd Releases an EP Full of Heartbreak

‘My Dear, Melancholy’: The Weeknd Releases an EP Full of Heartbreak

Sarae Ticeahkie
A&E Editor

Late in the evening on March 29, R&B artist The Weeknd dropped his new six-song EP “My Dear Melancholy,”

The Weeknd and Frank Dukes executively produced the artist’s extended play, with additional production by Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, Skrillex and Mike Will Made-It.

With the artist’s two multiplatinum albums already highly praised, The Weeknd continues to conquer the contemporary R&B world.

The artist began dropping hints on social media about the EP the day before the release, followed by a picture of the album artwork Thursday with the photo caption, “tonight.”

Late Thursday night, the EP began streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

This EP is The Weeknd’s first release since 2016’s “Starboy,” which included the songs “Starboy” and “Party Monster,” and a more up-tempo pop, electric dance vibe.

Going back to his dark roots, “My Dear, Melancholy” gives off the moody, electric soul sound with fragile lyrics relating to broken relationships.

The Weeknd portrays sex and substance use that correlate with romantic sacrifices in songs like “Calling Out My Name,” in which he sings: “I said I didn’t feel nothing, baby/But I lied/I almost cut a piece of myself for your life, guess I was just another pit stop.”

Throughout the song, The Weeknd talks about struggling to find closure after a breakup and ending the song with failure of that closure.

With back-to-back contributions from collaborator Gesaffelstein, The Weeknd’s “I Was Never There” and “Hurt You” allows the French electro artist to take listeners on a journey toward murky undertones and emotional wailing.

The dizzying beats of Gesaffelstein pairs with the The Weeknd’s haunting voice to have listeners feel each emotional word.

Continuing the destruction of a heartbreak and how difficult it is to fall back out of love, The Weeknd sings “And even though you put my life through hell / I can’t seem to forget ‘bout you / I want you to myself,” then adds, “now I’m asking, who do you belong to now? /Who you give that love to now?” in the song “Wasted Times”

The artist begins to shift from sadness to a bit of anger with the song “Hurt You,” in which he sings, “And now I know relationship’s my enemy / so stay away from me / I’m warning you / You try to fill the void with every man you meet / ’Cause you’re upset with me / I’m warning you.”

He leaves all emotions behind and becomes empty when he continues to sing, “Cause if its love you want again / don’t waste your time / But if you call me up, I’m f**kin you on sight”

The song ends with repetition of “I don’t wanna hurt you” which still gives listeners the feel that there will always be some sense of emotional that stays with you, even though you want to feel nothing but hatred towards the person who broke your heart.

The EP includes additional songs “Try me” and “Privilege” that also have lyrics that pertain towards the emotional wave of faulty love.

Every song gives off a menacing and moving vibe that takes his listener’s back to his 2012s “Trilogy” and his 2015s “Beauty Behind the Madness” signature emotional numbness.

The artist continues to search for an elusive healing that never completely went away.

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