Tea Time Around the World: Diversity Diplomats Inspire Dialogue

Madison Lyda
Student Life Editor

On Jan. 30, the Cameron University Diversity Diplomats hosted their annual spring semester event in the MCC Buddy Green Room.

The Diversity Diplomats are a student organization whose ultimate goal is to spread awareness, celebrate, and discuss topics of diversity.

The organization also helps provide a place for students to come together through events and bi-weekly meetings.

Throughout the school year the Diversity Diplomats, as well as the office of Student Development, help steward conversations of different backgrounds and diversity to ensure that they are being heard.

The Diversity Diplomats wanted to make sure that they had a spring event similar to the diversity celebration that they have in the fall semester.

To provide the diverse campus with options to celebrate and socialize, the Diversity Diplomats work together to provide a range of events and socialization to the students.

Sophomore Biology major Kaylee Craig said that the most important part of the Diversity Diplomats is to spread awareness about different cultures in the world.

“We have a lot of international students on campus,” she said, “so to bring events to Cameron University for them and the city of Lawton is awesome.”

The event was called ‘Mixing with Teas.’ The main focus was to celebrate the diverse cultural blends that make up the Cameron campus while allowing students from all backgrounds to interact and relax.

At the event, the students discussed various topics of diversity along with cultural etiquette which allowed the students to learn more about the cultures and how to interact appropriately.
The event’s tables were placed closely together to encourage conversation.

Diversity Diplomats advisor and Inclusion and Student Success Coordinator Olivia Polynice said that so many important things were taking place at the event.

“With ‘Mixing with Teas,’ the students get to specifically interact with the Diversity Diplomats but more importantly with each other,” she said. “It’s set up like a tea party where you also get to learn about different cultural etiquette, and how tea as commerce itself in other countries has affected the United States and how that brings everyone together.”

The organization has several future events in the works, including a service project for the community called “Diversity Diplomats Spread the Love” during the Valentine Day season.

The Diversity Diplomats are always accepting student applications. For more information about the organization or how to join, contact any of the current officers through email at studentdevelopment@cameron.edu or through the Diversity Diplomats webpage at www.cameron.edu/diversitydiplomats.


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