Cameron Intramural Sports Season Begins

Zackery Crow
Staff Writer

Spring intramural sports started on Jan. 28 with the men’s five-on-five basketball league opening play in the Aggie Rec Center.

Currently, there are six teams registered in the league that will play weekly games until Feb. 28.

According to the Cameron University page of the “IM Leagues” app, the registration for this year’s men’s league is now closed as the teams have started playing.

Sophomore Charles Hefner, who is a member of a team called The Southern 8, said intramurals are an engaging way to get actively involved on campus.

“I think intramurals for me personally is a great way to keep your body in shape, and to meet new people around here,” he said. “It’s especially fun when it’s one of my favorite sports to play.”

Although they didn’t shoot as well or play as well as they wanted to, Hefner said all that matters is they got to know one another and got a feel for how everyone plays.

“We luckily got to shoot around with each other before the game started,” he said, “and kind of met and talked before the game. That was the first time I’d ever met a few of those guys.”

The Southern 8 suffered a defeat in their first game against Odoyle Rules; a team Hefner said was tough to compete against.

“Those guys are quick and super athletic,” he said. “It was just tough to keep up with them. They beat us like ninety something to forty something.”

Even though they came up short in their first game together, Hefner said the score doesn’t really matter in the end.

“We may have lost,” he said, “but obviously it’s so much more than just winning games and losing games. It’s mainly about having fun and sharing the love of friendly competition with one another.”

For the next several Sundays, all six teams will play each other in a round-robin style league play. The teams with the best records will ultimately be ranked higher in the league standings.

Once league play is finished, the league tournament will be drawn up. Whichever team wins the tournament will become the league champion.

Hefner said his ultimate goal isn’t necessarily to win the championship.

“I mean obviously we want to eventually win enough games in league play and in the tournament, but winning isn’t our goal,” he said. “We’re just out here having fun. Winning would definitely be a bonus.”

With the men’s five-on-five league getting started, many of the other spring sports will soon follow.

The co-rec (combined men and women) league play began on Jan. 31. There are currently two teams signed up to play.

When the basketball leagues are finished, the co-rec softball leagues will begin in March.

They will be followed by men’s, women’s and co-rec tennis leagues beginning April 4, with the intramural sports season concluding with men’s and co-rec soccer leagues beginning April 15.

To register for one of the upcoming leagues, visit the Office of Campus Life page at

A tab for intramural sports is available with instructions on how to join a league.


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