Student Art Therapy

Madison Lyda
Student Life Editor

On Jan. 19, Student Support Services hosted their first relaxation event of the semester on the fourth floor of North Shepler.

Student Support Services offers a line of workshops designed to help build basic academic skills while learning key tricks and methods of relaxation through different fields of therapy.

Freshman Guidance Specialist Cathleen Dutton hosted the event. Her role within the program is to help students adjust to and maneuver college.

Dutton has hosted many workshops for Student Support Services in the last few years, while also teaching a variety of subjects on campus.

The event started with a short speech by Dutton who described the important aspects of using art as therapy during stressful times.

She described how various types of art can help ease different forms of ailments, such as stress, depression, fear and loneliness.

During the workshop, Dutton spoke about the importance of art and how effective it is in everyday life, along with its significance in managing emotions.

She mentioned that art is one of the most suggested forms of therapeutic activities by therapists.

After the introduction, students chose from a variety of art materials provided.

Dutton described the purpose of the art materials and the myriad of ways individuals can use them to achieve a certain look.

She said the art workshops are extremely important for student development.

“We provide these workshops to the students so that they can explore themselves on a more personal level,” she said. “It helps with their emotions and provides them with an outlet to eliminate any negative stress that they may be going through.”

Each workshop held by Student Support Services offers a different way to relax and ease the tension school can make students feel.

Sophomore accounting major Jeannie Adams attended the relaxation event and said that the workshops offer many interesting techniques.

“They are different and give me a sense of relief from the school week,” she said. “I enjoy them a lot. I feel that they teach me really important ways to cope with my stress.”

Student Support Services offers a different workshop every week during the fall and spring semesters.

For more information about getting involved, contact Student Support Services at (580) 581-2352.


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