CUTV Lineup Returns

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This semester, the CUTV lineup features student-produced shows including “Film Geek,” “Game Time” and “Random Randa.”

Film Geek
Sophomore journalism and media production (JRMP) major Caitlin Anders will produce and host “Film Geek” for the second semester in a row.

Anders said she wants to continue working on the show because she enjoyed it last semester.

“[The] first semester, it was more of an experiment because I was used to working in the studio as a crew member,” she said, “but I wasn’t used to actually producing my own show, so it was really just testing the waters and seeing what I’m comfortable with.”

In a typical “Film Geek” episode, Anders reviews a movie still in theaters and shows the audience upcoming movie trailers. Sometimes, she invites a guest to discuss the movie with her.

“I talk about my personal opinion on it,” she said, “not to sway the opinion of the audiences watching, but to explain to them my point of view, my criticism.”

For Anders, film is not just a hobby – it’s her passion.

“Films have always been such a big part of my life,” she said. “Growing up, it’s always been my favorite thing, and [my] family memories [are] just watching films together.”

This spring is senior JRMP major Kerry Schoonaert’s fourth and final semester directing “Film Geek.”

New episodes of “Film Geek” premiere on Tuesdays on

Game Time
Junior JRMP major Markel Turrell is at the helm of “Game Time” this semester as the producer and anchor, covering all things Aggie sports.

Turrell is an avid sports fan who loves to attend Cameron games and discuss sports with his professors and fellow students.

“I enjoy hosting [the show] because I love sports and enjoy getting experience in filming games,” he said. “Plus I get to meet and become familiar with all the athletes at Cameron.”

Turrell will follow the Aggie tennis, softball and baseball seasons and potentially interview Cameron athletes on “Game Time” this spring.

According to Turrell, the show will retain its classic format.

“You can expect to see highlights from the Cameron home games and game recaps from all away games,” he said.

An aspiring sportscaster, Turrell looks up to Chris Fowler and Stephen A. Smith.

“They [Fowler and Smith] are very smart reporters and broadcasters who didn’t have to be former professional athletes to do their job,” he said.

New episodes of “Game Time” premiere on Wednesdays on

Random Randa
The show is named after its producer and host, senior JRMP and public relations major Miranda Fritts, whose personality is incorporated into the show.

In each episode, Fritts discusses different topics, sometimes with guests, and tries to keep it lighthearted and silly because she sees the show as a break from reality.

“I don’t like to talk about super harsh issues or politics because I want it to be something fun – something that people can enjoy – and escape from any hard things they’re having to think about – school or their life,” she said.

After hosting the show last semester, Fritts decided that she wanted the show to concentrate not just on herself, but on other Aggies and their experiences this spring.

“I want to focus more on the students now that everybody knows who I am and that I’m kind of a crazy person,” she said, “so hopefully I can get them involved in my craziness, and we can have a crazy good time.”

To accomplish that goal, Fritts is also adding pre-produced segments, in which she attends on-campus events to get student feedback, to “Random Randa” this semester.

“I want to be able to go to an event and ask students how they feel about it and be able to document that and bring that into my show and then have one of the PAC members there so we can talk about it and what they have going on,” she said, “so people are more aware of what we have going on than say just what we cover on CU News.”

Senior JRMP major George Weaver directs the show.

New episodes of “Random Randa” premiere on Fridays on


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