Cameron Provides Wait-Listing Option

Robert King
A&E Editor

Starting this semester, the Office of the Registrar introduced a new feature called “wait-listing” for enrolling in classes.

As students enroll for the spring 2018 semester, wait-listing will eliminate the need for students to monitor the enrollment schedule of classes to find an opening in a course. Instead, if a seat becomes available in a closed course, an email will be sent to a student’s CU Gmail account notifying them that they have 24 hours to enroll in the course.

Wait-listing is intended to help students enroll in needed classes that have already been filled.

Registrar Linda Phillips said that different enrollment features are already available in Ellucian, Cameron’s student information system.

“We work with others across campus to include IT, administration, staff, faculty and advisors for assistance,” she said. “And so we can receive feedback on the new feature.”

When a decision is reached to implement a new enrollment feature, staff in the Registrar’s Office take the lead on planning and testing the new option.

Assistant Registrar Renee Roach said that wait-listing has already proven to be a helpful feature in the enrollment process.

“I also receive copies of email notifications,” she said. “We’ve had at least five emails indicating that closed classes have opened up, and students are utilizing them. I know that three students have already enrolled in a class that initially was closed, and it was all due to that notification process.”

For a student to add themselves to the waitlist for a course, they need to log into Aggie Access and go to the “My Info” tab. From there, they should select the add or drop classes link and type the course CRN into the add classes worksheet.

If the section is full, choose the waitlist option from the dropdown menu to be placed onto the waitlist for the course. If the student successfully adds themselves to the list, the course will display their schedule with a waitlisted status.

Only the student at the top of a waitlist for a course will receive an email notification if an opening in the course becomes available. If a seat becomes available, the student at the top of the list will receive an email and a deadline for registering in the course.

If the student does not enroll they will be removed from the list, and a notification will be emailed to the next student on the waitlist. If a student waitlists for the course again, they will be added to the bottom of the list.

For students who enroll in the Academic Advising Center, a copy of the email notification will be sent to the assigned advisor in the system.

Roach said that wait-listing is also helpful to students who enroll through the Academic Advising Center.

“The advisor gets a copy of the same email,” she said. “Even though the student who has waitlisted may not be able to do their own enrollment, they can then contact the advisor to help change the status from waitlisted to registered, or the advisor can change the status ahead of time since the student already waitlisted a class.”

Once a student receives an email notification, they must log into Aggie Access and select the add or drop classes link under the “My Info” tab. For the newly opened course, the student should click in the action column and select the “Web Registered” option.

For more information about waitlisting, visit the Registrar’s Office or read about it at


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