The Fall 2017 CUTV Lineup

Photo by Robert King
Action!: Senior Communication major Miranda Fritts talks to Cameron students on the set of her new talk show, "Random Randa." As the show's host, Fritts like to take a fun spin on current Cameron events.

Robert King
A&E Editor

This semester, three CUTV shows (Film Geek, Random Randa and Game Time) each feature new hosts.

‘Film Geek’
This fall, Sophomore Journalism and Media Production (JRMP) major Caitlin Anders takes the spotlight hosting “Film Geek,” previously hosted by alumna Alexsis Page.

Anders said she decided to host Film Geek so she could retain the production skills she learned in her classes.

“I took on the show because it was a good opportunity to keep practicing what I like to do,” she said. “After TV Studio and AV Production classes, I wouldn’t really have to be in the studio anymore. I feel like I would lose all that knowledge of activity in the studio.”

Anders said she uses the show as a platform to review current movies and report news about the movie industry.

“I pretty much critique the new movies coming out,” she said. “The big movies that everyone loves, and any big entertainment news, stuff like that.”

Senior JRMP major Kerry Schoonaert directs “Film Geek,” and the crew consists of Video Production Manager Jeff Larson along with students from Dr. Matt Jenkins Audio/Visual (AV) Production class.

New episodes of “Film Geek” come out each Tuesday on

‘Random Randa’
Senior Communications major Miranda Fritts hosts new talk show “Random Randa,” which focuses on what’s happening at Cameron.

Fritts decided to host the show after spending a semester on “Film Geek” with alumna Alexsis Page.

“Alexsis looked like she was having so much fun,” she said. “Dr. Jenkins recommended the talk show because no one took it, and I could do whatever I wanted with it. It’s a way for me to do something different than everybody else.”

Fritts said she wants the show to be fun, entertaining and random.

“I really want it to be less serious and political. As opposed to some of the other talks shows in the past, I want it to be an enjoyable ‘I’m going to have fun whenever I watch this’ type of talk show.”

“Random Randa” is directed by George Weaver and produced by Video Production Manager Jeff Larson.

The dancing aggies at the end of the episodes are AnnMarie Altman and Isabelle Ronzalez.

Fritts hopes to have new episodes premiere each Friday.

‘Game Time’
Sophomore JRMP major Markel Turrell hosts “Game Time,” which hosted previously by JRMP senior Haley Berry.

Turell said that “Game Time” is about Cameron athletics.

“I talk about the highlights and stats of all Cameron sports. I try to give updates to Cameron students about how the teams did in their games.”

Turrell got his inspiration from former show hosts when he was part of the production crew.

“When I was a freshman, I started helping on all the shows,” he said. “It interested me how much each host loved their show. I had the opportunity last semester to take over ‘Game Time’
because Jenkins and Larson though I’d be a good fit.”

Video Production Manager Jeff Larson directs “Game Time” and the crew consists of students from Jenkins’ AV Production class.

New episodes of “Game Time” come out on Fridays.


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