CU Writing and Tutoring Improvement Services

Robert King
A&E Editor

Cameron University has various writing and tutoring services available to the students to help ace tests and improve their writing and arithmetic skills.

Math Lab
The Math Lab, located in Burch Hall room 104, is for any student who needs math tutoring from remedial math all the way up to elementary calculus.

Math Lab Director Colt Meyer says that the lab is to fill in the gaps if a student missed a step during a lesson.

“Our primary focus is to answer questions that a student may not have picked up through the course of their lesson. We provide homework assistance as well, but we do
not do homework checking, nor do we help with take home quizzes and tests.”

The Math Lab has an extension in the Academic Commons, The Jeneanne Lawson Tutoring Center, room 138.

Math Lab tutor Michael Demmin, who works in the Lawson Center, said that the extension is a nighttime tutoring service for students that can’t get help during the day.

“The benefit is that students have access to tutoring during the off hours,” he said. “If a problem arises and help is needed, such as cramming for a test at the last minute, they can come here and the tutors can help them.”

The Center for Writers
The Center for Writers is a facility where students can get assistance with academic writing at any stage of the writing process.

The Center for Writers Director Carolyn Kinslow says that students can bring all types of writing to the center, as long as it’s academic.

“Some people are mistaken that they can only bring English papers here,” she said. “That’s not true. I recently worked with a student on an article review in biology. We also work with students on personal statements if they’re applying for professional programs or scholarships.”

Kinslow says that the Center for Writers is there to teach the students.

“Our purpose is to help students become independent writers,” she said. “To be more confident about their own ability to express their ideas in writing.”

The facility has computers for students to work on their paper and ask questions as they go through the writing process.

The Center for Writers is located on the second floor of Nance Boyer, room 2060.

Center for Academic Success
The Center for Academic Success is an all-purpose tutoring location open to students of all levels, from freshman to graduate.

Director Colleen Carter says that the success center is an extension of the ‘Study Strategies: College Success’ class, UNIV 1113.

“That is exactly how this [center] was built, this lab is an add-on to that class, a place to go and get help. The time management that I taught in that class, how to take notes, how to listen actively, all of those skills are extended here.”

Carter wants students to know that the lab isn’t just for tutoring or learning how to manage classes.

“We have students that come in here and do study groups. There is a projector for students to practice speeches or presentations. Students have learned that it’s a quite place to study in between classes.”

Student Support Services
Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally funded program that works with college students who are first generation, have economic needs, or students with physical or learning disabilities.

SSS Director Doreen Thomas says that they work with students all the way through a bachelor’s degree.

“They have their own academic advisor that is assigned to them,” she said. “We have our own math and writing labs that you have to be a member of the program to use. We also have our own computer lab.”

SSS tutoring and labs are only available to students who qualify and apply for SSS services.

Cameron University provides students with ten free hours of online tutoring through a student’s blackboard account. The tutoring service comes from


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