Student Housing Take the Stage at Open Mic Night

Madison Lyda
Staff Writer

Student Housing hosted an open mic night at 8 p.m. on Sept. 13 in the Cameron Village Great Room.

South Shepler Hall Director Alexandria Knight teamed up with North Shepler Hall Director Jacob Newton as well as other staff members to put together “Take the Stage.”

The event attracted a wide audience and large participation.

Students who live on- and off-campus watched a variety of talents showcased that night.

Their talents included singing, comedy and live poetry readings.

Some even performed original material for the first time ever.

Knight started the event by congratulating the participants on their courage and preparing the crowd for the night’s presentation.

He said the point of “Take the Stage” is to relax and have fun.

“Tonight’s event was created for students who don’t normally have the opportunity to showcase their talents” Knight said.

“We believed that this would be a great opportunity for students to hang out with their friends, get to know new people and to perform their special talents in a welcoming and open environment.”

As the night progressed, more students entered the building to witness the variety of talents that Aggies offered.

Newton initially had the idea and was excited to bring it to life.

Much like the rest of the Student Housing staff, Newton watched from afar as the students performed, granting them space to be their own and perform freely.

“I strongly believe that people share a special bond when it comes to showcasing talent,” Newton said.

“Our job as faculty of Student Housing and members of this campus, is to bond our residents together and give them something […] to remember.”

Freshman mechanical engineering major Derek Muse sang a rendition of his favorite love song, while also playing the guitar.

According to Muse, he enjoyed seeing so much talent in one place.

“Everyone has their own little talents,” Muse said, “and it’s so nice to see people come out and support one another.

“As hidden artists it’s difficult to find comfortable places to perform in front of an audience, so it’s really great that people were given that opportunity.”

Students enjoyed the event and found ways to have fun throughout the night.

Around the building, students interacted with one another and cheered for people that most of them did not know.

Student Housing provided an assortment of snacks and beverages to attendees free of charge.

As the academic year progresses, Student Housing plans to take the stage in on-campus fun.

According to, their goal is to provide a “quality living experience” by getting students involved outside of the classroom.

Student Housing employees are working on multiple events set to take place within the next year.

These events will allow students to engage in activities while still being able to focus on their academics and outside engagements.

For more information about upcoming Student Housing events, go to, call Newton at (580) 581-5907 or email him at


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