Renovations: CU Improves Campus

Sarae Ticeahkie
Student Life Editor

Certain departments of Cameron University recently made building improvements to ensure quality for the campus community.

The Terry Hall Golf Center and The Cameron Psychology Clinic had renovations made thanks to Cameron University and private donors.

The Terry Bell Golf Center
In February 2017, Cameron University opened The Terry Bell Gold Center to help improve the men and women’s golf programs.

This fall begins the first official athletic year golf students are able to use the facility.

Athletic Director Jim Jackson said the golf center gives Cameron athletes an edge in competition.

“We are the second NCAA Division II school to have this type of facility” Jackson said, “So, this will really boost our recruiting efforts and training efforts.”

Jackson said the facility has three indoor hitting bays, a technology bay and an outdoor open hitting bay facing the driving range and two putting areas.

“We can break down and analyze the swing, the planes, and the swing speed”. Jackson said, “We have all that available with technology”.

The indoor hitting bays are designed for when there are inclement weather days.

“When we can’t go collect the gold balls,” Jackson said, “we can shut the doors and drop the nets.

“The net stops the ball from going out onto the driving range when wet.”

The facility was built with the help of private donors, notably the Terry Bell’s Foundation, who funded a majority of the money.

“He was a business man in Lawton who loved Cameron and the Cameron Athletics,” Jackson said. “He was particularly fond of the golf program because he was a golfer”.

Jackson anticipates the Golf Center being open for the upcoming summer to the youth.

“Our vision is to help the Lawton and surrounding areas who are interested in golf…” Jackson said. “We want to promote to the junior golfers”.

Cameron Psychology Clinic
In October 2016, the Department of Psychology and the School of Graduate and Professional Studies at Cameron University opened The Cameron Psychology Clinic (CPC) to the Lawton Community.

The clinic includes three therapy rooms, two individual rooms, one family therapy room and one intake room.

Private donors provided the funds needed to purchase the furniture and have video equipment installed in these rooms.

Mary Dzindolet, a Cameron Professor and Chair of The Department of Psychology, said initially all the rooms were set up with videotape recorders but the intake room.

“Over the summer, donations came in and we were able to get that all hooked up” Dzindolet said, “the supervisors love being able to watch what is going on, so it really is nice”.

The CPC provides graduate students of Master of Science in Behavioral Science the opportunity to gain hands on training with supervision under licensed faculty members in the therapy rooms.

Dzindolet said the CPC gives the graduate students a good strong learning experience to help real-life people with real-life problems.

“One of Cameron’s missions involves experiential learning.” Dzindolet said. “You are sitting there with a real person doing therapy.

“We would love this time next year to have two more rooms available” Dzindolet said, “if that’s possible”.

CPC provides free access to mental health services for all members of the community.

The clinic is open Mon-Thurs, 3-6 p.m. and is located on 2202 NW Ferris Avenue.


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