Joining Chapters to Feed the Hungry

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Jacob Jardel
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Cameron’s Sigma Chi chapter of Delta Sigma Pi is collecting funds and volunteers for the Feed the Funnel Fundraiser.

Established in 1907, the international professional business fraternity has held community service as one of its core values since its inception. As such, the Cameron chapter and the Epsilon Zeta chapter at Midwestern are partnering to raise $2,500 to provide 10,000 meals to local food banks.

The event culminates at the Feed the Funnel party, where volunteers help in shifts from 12-5 p.m. on April 22 to pack meals.

According to Sigma Chi Chapter President Chelsey Harper, the party is high-energy fun for a good cause. Harper said her previous participation in the Feed the Funnel party drew her and the rest of the chapter to participate in the event.

“It was a life-changing service experience,” she said. “I wanted everyone to have the opportunity to participate at least once. Add in the fact that it’s an incredible community service opportunity that makes a huge difference in people’s lives, and it was a no-brainer to reach out to the Epsilon Zeta Chapter and see if they were interested in partnering for the campaign.”

For the campaign, Delta Sigma Pi will be in charge of fundraising and volunteering. However, Harper said there are a variety of ways students could help, starting with donations at 25 cents a meal.

“Even 25 cents makes a huge difference in the life of someone in need,” Harper said. “Anyone who has ever had to go without a meal can understand the relief of having a nutritious meal on the table.”

The fraternity is also having a Donations for Deliveries event. If someone donates money to Feed the Funnel via GoFundMe and contacts the fraternity by April 15, members of Delta Sigma Pi will deliver a meal to the donor the week of April 17.

Alternatively, Harper said students can talk about Feed the Funnel events in person and on social media or volunteer their time during the Feed the Funnel party.

“It’s an incredible experience that will change your life,” she said. “There’s dancing and singing, all with upbeat music in the background. With enough people, the packing doesn’t take long at all, and time flies.

“A team of five can pack anywhere from three to eight meals in a minute, so it’s a lot of fun to compete with other teams and challenge yourself to be more efficient.”

Volunteers interested in donating can contact Chelsey Harper at (580) 425-1998 or


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