Theatre Prepares for ‘Electra’

An Electric Performance: Joy Christie (left) plays Electra and Samantha Eddy plays Chrsothemis in Theatre's production of "Electra."

Cheyenne Cole
A&E Editor

Cameron’s Department of Art, Music and Theatre Arts continues its “Celebrating the Stages through the Ages!” themed theatre season with a production of Sophocles’ “Electra.”

The play focuses on Electra (Joy Christie), a young woman yearning for justice after her father’s death. Her sister Chrysothemis (Samantha Eddy) argues against it, pleading for her to comply with their mother’s wishes.

Electra is unable to accept her sister’s advice and continues to plot the death of her mother and step-father.

Assistant Professor of Theatre and “Electra” director Dr. Deidre Onishi said it was time for the students to participate in a play such as this one.

“Seeing Greek tragedy brings up emotions that we sometimes hide,” she said, “that we sometimes shy away from, and it’s good to have that.”

Onishi made the decision to include Japanese-style movement in the play to amplify these emotions.

“I was looking for movement which was not realistic,” she said, “that had that sense of weightiness to it that Japanese traditional theater has.”

Students and the Lawton community can watch “Electra” at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 16 and 18 and at 2 p.m. on Feb. 19.


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