Student’s Entertainment Company Flourishes

Vicky Smith
Staff Writer

Cameron University junior Nathan Poindexter is striving to make a positive influence on and off campus.

Poindexter is the CEO of Vibe Tribe Entertainment, an entertainment company that began as a dream among Poindexter and his friends.

According to the company’s Facebook page, Vibe Tribe Entertainment has a goal of “uniting people through sound, dance and light” by creating events for the Lawton community.

Poindexter said the idea for the company sparked when he and his friends were attending music festivals together.

“We started traveling around the world,” Poindexter said, “trying to follow the best of music that we couldn’t find anywhere around us, so we decided, ‘Hey it’s time to bring that here.’”

The title of the company, Poindexter said, is the name he and his friends called themselves when they traveled.

“We dubbed ourselves the ‘Vibe Tribe,’” he said. “We had flags that we would take to the festival and banners, and we’d run around with our flags that said ‘Vibe Tribe.’”

Agronomy major Poindexter said he and his crew of friends have diverse educational roots, but they all share common passions that serve as the backbone of Vibe Tribe Entertainment.

“We have doctors, lawyers [and] psychologists,” he said. “We try to inspire, educate, and hype. […] The backbone of our company really is community, fun, art and music.”

To bring the community together, Poindexter said he coordinates various events that promote positivity.

“The shows start basically with me emailing around to different musicians and seeing who’s available,” he said,” and I book them for the concert, and then from there, I design a flyer, and once the flyer’s made, we start our online promotion.

“Then, come day of the event, we have our own sound system, lighting system, lasers – everything.”

The shows, Poindexter said, welcome an array of age groups, with some shows more exclusive than others.

“We have club events, which would obviously be 21 and up,” he said, “and we do bowling alley events, which are all 16 and up. … We also have our completely family-friendly events.”

According to Poindexter, one upcoming family-friendly event is Soulklahoma Transformational Music Festival, held from April 13-17 in Chickasha.

“It’s not your normal music festival,” he said. “We’re not based around just music. We’re also based around art, and we’re based around education.

“We’re going to have all kinds of plants and horticulture workshops, yoga workshops [and] meditation. We’re going to have a little bit of everything for everybody.”

The company, Poindexter said, has also hosted fundraisers that benefitted organizations in Lawton.

“Giving back to the community, we really sparked interest here and gained a lot of followers,” he said.

“We did a fundraiser event called the Lawtonka Beach Bash, where we donated a large percentage of all the funds back to the Animal Welfare Center.”

Poindexter said there are opportunities for Cameron students to be a part of Vibe Tribe Entertainment.

“I am a Cameron student that’s also an entrepreneur,” he said. “We’re offering entrepreneurships for people that are interested in the music business.

To contact Poindexter or for more information about the company, follow Vibe Tribe Entertainment on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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