Upcoming Contest Opportunities in English

Vicky Smith
Managing Editor

Students who generate creative writing or art can submit their work to three contests, which include The Gold Mine, The John G. Morris Poetry Prize and the Leigh Holmes Creative Nonfiction Contest.

Professor of English Dr. John Morris said the purpose of the contests is to recognize and reward outstanding student work.

According to Morris, The Gold Mine is an annual creative writing magazine that is edited by students and supported by funds from the SAFAC Committee.

The Gold Mine publishes the award winners, in addition to other student works.

Morris, who teaches courses in poetry writing, said he created the John G. Morris Poetry Prize for several reasons.

“CU did not have a poetry contest,” he said. “I wanted to honor my late mother, who was my first inspiration to write, and I wanted to recognize and award the sort of good student poetry I see in my classes with regularity.”

Morris said his colleague, the late Dr. Leigh Holmes, created the Leigh Holmes Creative Nonfiction Contest.

“He had earlier created the department’s course in nonfiction prose,” Morris said. “[He] created the nonfiction prose contest to recognize excellent student work in that genre.”

Morris said the contests are good opportunities for students to receive recognition and money for their work, as well as see the value of the revisions they do as part of their efforts in the workshop classes.

“Recognition is probably more important than the money,” he said, “and it can motivate writers to continue their work.”

Morris said each year, he looks forward to the awards banquet in April.

“Like all of my colleagues, I became a teacher because I want students to succeed and enjoy the fruits of their labors,” Morris said, “and that evening every year is a chance to recognize those students who have succeeded.”

The deadline to submit to The Gold Mine is Nov. 30, the John. G. Morris Poetry Prize deadline is Feb. 4, 2017, and the deadline for the Leigh Holmes Creative Nonfiction Contest is Dec. 2.

For more information, stop by Nance Boyer 2014, or call (580) 581-2272.


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