Student Wins Broadcast Scholarship

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Producing CU News: Cameron student Zayna Haliburton is the producer of the Cameron's weekly student-run newscast, CU News. The Oklahoma Broadcast Education Association recently rewarded her with the Bill Thrash and

Cheyenne Cole
Staff Writer

The Oklahoma Broadcast Education Association (OBEA) staff awarded Cameron University student Zayna Haliburton the William “Bill” Thrash and Gene Dillehay Scholarship on Oct. 12 at the annual OETA and OBEA Student Day in Oklahoma City.

At the seminar, professionals spoke to students in sessions covering career opportunities in all aspects of media including broadcasting, corporate video and multimedia.

Haliburton received a $1000 scholarship, which recognizes excellence among Oklahoma’s college broadcast students.

“I was happy and excited when I received my award,” Haliburton said, “but what really made me excited was afterwards when the president of OBEA, Vance Harrison, complimented my interview and told me I was the best interviewee.”

Haliburton answered a few questions and wrote a letter about why she qualified for the scholarship. She was also interviewed by judges at the seminar.

“I was nervous going into the interview,” Haliburton said, “because even though I thought my application was good, it’s different when you’re writing something someone is going to read and when you’re actually sitting in front of someone talking.”

Haliburton applied for the scholarship at the suggestion of Assistant Professor of Communication Stephen Adams.

“I’m always excited for the students,” Adams said, “and I’m really happy for Zayna. It validates what she’s been doing. Other students see that as well, and they know if you work hard, there are opportunities.”

This fall, Haliburton began working as the producer of CU News, Cameron’s weekly student-run newscast.

Adams said Haliburton is doing an outstanding job on CU News this semester and deserved to be recognized for her hard work.

Professor of Communication and Executive Producer of CU News, Matt Jenkins said Haliburton excels at everything she does and is always willing to learn.

“Last year we earned second in the state as far as newscasts,” Jenkins said, “and with Zayna Haliburton producing the show now, I think we look to do very well again at this year’s state competition.”

Haliburton said she did not know what she wanted to major in when she started college, but after taking classes in the Communication Department, she realized a career in broadcast was right for her.

“Editing and putting something together for people to watch – it’s just a feeling I get when I do it,” Haliburton said. “I know this is what I like.”

Senior journalism and media production major Kerry Schoonaert attended the seminar and said the group of Cameron students at the seminar were very excited when Haliburton won the scholarship.

“It’s great that Zayna won a scholarship that will help her continue her degree,” Schoonaert said.

Haliburton said she will use the scholarship to pay for her tuition and books.

Adams’ advice for broadcast students who are interested in the scholarship is to “be the best student you can. Come to class, do your work, get involved in the other activities, and the opportunities will be there.”


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