Review: Documentary a Good Resource despite Shortfall

Kerry Schoonaert
Staff Writer

After almost four years of production, “Vlogumentary” has been released and is viewable on YouTube Red.

“Vlogumentary” is a documentary exploring a behind the scenes look of video blogging (vlogging).

Cory Vidal and ApprenticeEh Productions raised the funds for completion through the crowd-funding website Indiegogo.

The production team vlogged their process of producing the film through their own channel, ApprenticeEh.

ApprenticeEh Productions promoted the film prematurely with a two-minute trailer, that could be considered misleading after comparing the teaser’s content to the actual documentary.

Due to changes in the YouTube talent’s personal lives, ApprenticeEh Productions decided to reroute the general concept and cast.

Later on, Shay Carl, an Executive producer of Vlogumentary, announced that Morgan Spurlock was going to take over and finish the documentary.

On April 20, Vlogumentary premiered for the first time at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

The movie premiered on YouTube Red on Oct. 26, and its release influenced a hashtag trend.

Although Vlogumentary is only available on YouTube Red at the moment, Shay Carl said the movie will soon be available on other platforms.

Dedicated fans of the YouTube talent featured in the documentary, will notice responses fell short of providing information, or personal thoughts expressed in the movie.

The documentary could have done a better job expressing the emotional and motivational drive of the vloggers, had they done more probing in the interviews.

This documentary is a great resource to inform those who are unaware of the vlogging process.

Even though the movie lacked an in-depth view into the YouTubers’ thoughts and feelings about vlogging, the movie is still worth a watch for anybody passionate about the YouTube environment and willing to support that platform.

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