Reff Buzzes onto CUTV

Graphic Courtesy of Jeff Larson.

Vicky Smith
Managing Editor

At Cameron University, students have opportunities to gain real-world experience in the field of communication by writing for the Cameron Collegian or producing and anchoring their own shows.

Justin Reff is one such student.

Reff, a freshman journalism and media production student, is the producer of “Aggie Buzz,” a show with the sole purpose of entertaining viewers.

According to Reff, unlike news outlets like CNN and Fox News, “Aggie Buzz” does not focus on hot topics in politics.

“I want them to get an update but not focus on subjects that are too controversial,” Reff said. “I want to shift the focus to entertainment. … as far as film, music, red carpet, [fashion and comic con].”

Reff discusses the status of public figures like Justin Timberlake, the Kardashians and other celebrities. He said talks about the trends they set.

When writing the script before each show, Reff said he receives feedback from Jeff Larson.

“My producer/friend Jeff Larson is well known on campus for assisting students with their productions,” Reff said. “I get his opinions on what is the right thing to say – what is appropriate.”

Reff said his interest for producing the show sparked when he took courses related to his major with Dr. Matt Jenkins.

“Aggie Buzz” is Reff’s first self-produced show. He said he wants to improve his video production skills with this airtime.

“[I want to learn] what works for being in front of the camera,” he said. “how to get people’s attention – how to make it fun but engaging.”

Reff said he is hoping by producing “Aggie Buzz,” he will be comfortable producing another show in the future.

“It makes me enjoy and love what I’m doing,” he said. “I see myself doing that every day – doing research on a particular celebrity or on what’s trending.”

Reff also has hope that other students will be encouraged to produce their own shows after watching “Aggie Buzz.”

“What I hope to do is that someone who has seen it this semester… would say, ‘Hey this person [brought] something new and different to the table here at Cameron.’

“Maybe it would inspire other students that I did something fully different.”

For more information on Reff and “Aggie Buzz,” visit Aggie Central website or his Facebook fan page titled “Justin Reff.”


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