Next Election, know what (not) to do when Voting

Justin Reff
Staff Writer

The election has passed, with Donald Trump winning the presidency. But the enthusiasm to rock the vote was at its highest weeks before Nov. 8th if some celebrities’ actions were any indication.

Singer Justin Timberlake was one of the many celebrities who made it well known to his fans that their vote matters just as much as anyone else’s. The music artist snapped a selfie at his voting place showing his enthusiasm to get involved.

However, he did it in a way that violated Tennessee state laws about voter privacy. Timberlake was in hot water for his actions, but they did serve another purpose: showing fans about the importance of voting and being in the know with the issues that affect us.

Other celebrities that took the time to get involved in helping new voters to go out and vote early, included Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé. None of them got in trouble the way Justin did, but their support for their candidates and stances show a pattern in modern stardom.

Becoming more active in our country’s political process has been a hot topic since the start of this election cycle. Celebrities have told fans about the importance of staying informed, but everyone from parents to instructors have done the same as well.

Of course, as Americans, we need to do our part by getting involved. It’s about time that more millennials started doing their part do get more involved in making the right changes for America.

However, that is not what’s happening at this point in time.

Us as Americans should ask ourselves one question: “What is the importance of being involved at different stages of the voting process?” We should want to know how to use our political voices properly. There are many ways to do that, but you can start now in preparation for future elections.

Here are some dos and don’ts about how to get your vote out there properly.

First of all, do know the information about what you’re voting for. Research each person running for different offices along with what they are planning to do for America or the region you live in. Stay up to date about the policies that affect you most.

However, don’t be one-sided with it. Always stay open minded to everyone in the running in the next election. They have views just as valid and important as yours.

Second, do formulate your own opinion about the issues. Don’t let others shape how you vote. You have every right to make your own decisions.

But remember: don’t take your opinion as solid fact. Just because a belief is correct to you does not mean it is correct to somebody else.

Thirdly, do express your enthusiasm like Justin. It’s great to see celebrities going out and supporting the issues and the candidates important to them. More of America needs to do so.

But, just as importantly, don’t overdo it like him. Stay lawful with how you express your opinions and your voting practices. Unlike Justin, it may be tougher for you to pay a fine or serve another potential punishment for a selfie at the voting place.

In order words, be enthusiastic. Just know when and how to do it properly.


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