Mystery Party Knocks ’em Dead

Photo by Kerry Schoonaert

Kerry Schoonaert
Staff Writer

At 8 p.m. on Nov. 10, in the MCC Ballroom, the Programming Activities Council (PAC) hosted their annual Murder Mystery party.

Students dressed up for the ‘80s-themed prom night and roleplayed while trying to solve a murder case.

The mystery-filled evening began after participants received an envelope with information about their character.

Then the players walked around and socialized with the other players to get to know everyone’s character.

Some mingling later, the lights went out and a loud scream echoed through the room.

When the lights came back on, one party-goer was “dead.”

The event continued like a game of Clue where participants had to figure out who killed the victim.

Students then received hints to how the victim died and hints about who the killer was.

Players commenced to figure out the whodunit.

Toward the end of the night, participants wrote down their guesses and placed them into a ballot box.

After the guesses had been analyzed, Megan Canfield, coordinator of Campus Life & New Student Programs, read the results out loud, revealing the killer’s identity.

Next, chosen by popular vote, participants received certificates for categories such as solving the riddle and best-dressed.


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