Halloween Recipes Perfect for Fall Movie Nights

With Halloween only two weeks away, many college students are stocking up on candy and ordering for their costumes.

While some students will go trick-or-treating, others will watch scary movies in their apartments or dorms.

Instead of buying the usual mini-size chocolate bars or veggie trays for a Halloween party, try something new this year!

Check out the five, sure-to-trick treats listed below.

For a full listing of the treats, reference the LA Times article “24 Spooky Halloween Snacks… Including a Graham Cracker Haunted House.”

Jim Evers’ Haunted Mansion (2003)
Use graham crackers to create this mansion that is as delicious as it is haunted. To reinforce a house with multiple stories, use ample amounts of icing and layers of graham crackers, since the crackers are not as strong as homemade gingerbread on a Christmas candy house.

Starry Eyes’ (2014) Eyeballs
To make these chewy eyeballs, first melt marshmallow, then pipe it into balls. Make the eyeballs pop by using black food coloring for the center and red food gel for the blood veins.

The Ghosts from Casper Meets Wendy (1998)
Create Casper and all his friends by melting marshmallows and piping them into ghosts.

To make them even more adorable, add some colored sprinkles. Make eyes by melting chocolate and dabbing it on the ghosts.

Halloweentown’s (1998) Pumpkin
Marnie Piper’s favorite snack would be the pumpkin-shaped quesadilla. After using a cookie cutter to cut the tortillas into pumpkin shapes, fill the quesadillas with cheese, refried beans, beef and any other desired ingredients.


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