Cameron Diversity Celebration

Photo by Jacob Jardel

Jacob Jardel
Voices Editor

Cameron University’s Office of Student Development hosted its Diversity Celebration on Oct. 11 in the McCasland Ballroom.

The event brought members of the Cameron community from various backgrounds to raise attention to the different cultures present on campus. It featured performances and food from members of student organizations like the International Club, the Nepalese Association and Cameron P.R.I.D.E.

Katie Powers, administrative assistant for Events Management, said in a CU News interview celebrations like these help provide students with perspectives they don’t always get.

“I think it gives you a different worldview as a student,” she said. “It gives you a chance to connect with different people from around the world even though you’re right here at Cameron University.”

The program of performances started with Mexican cultural dances featuring participants of various ages pairing up for traditional musical displays.

Afterward, three students from Samoa performed native dances, including the haka, a warrior dance, and the princess dance honoring village royalty. Being the only students of Samoan descent at Cameron, the troupe expressed the emotion that went into all of their performances.

The festivities concluded with Native performances from dancers who attend the Riverside Indian School. Donning their tribal regalia, the students showcased the kinetic aspects of their culture for the audience.

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