Henson Receives Award at WAVES Conference

Sammy Diehl
Staff Writer

Over the summer, Cameron staff member Vicki Henson received the Diana Davis Service Award for Excellence during a conference of the Western Association of Veterans Education Specialists (WAVES), which took place in July in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Henson is one of only six people in the country to win the award. She went to the conference not even knowing she was nominated.

Henson said she knew Diana Davis for many years.

“I was deeply touched to receive the award named after my colleague,” Henson said, “and to receive the award on my birthday made it a moment I will always remember.”

The award is presented to a WAVES participant who has proven consistent vision, service and leadership in WAVES over an extended period of time.

Henson has been a member of WAVES since its foundation in 1996.

Henson has performed many functions, such as a charter member and the president for two years, and she is currently serving a two year term as the organization’s past president.

WAVES serves 48 percent of the country’s veteran students and includes schools in 18 states, the U.S. Trust Territories and the Philippines.

Henson, who has been at Cameron for over thirty years, said she values her colleagues’ dedication to the students of Cameron.

“I’m very proud of our CU family,” she said. “[They] truly have a heart of wanting to provide respect, and the highest quality service for our military population who deserve our highest recognition for their service to our country.”

Henson has also been employed as the Veteran Affair’s Coordinator at Cameron since 1986 and has done so because both her father and brother served.

She said she wants to give back to military personnel.

“It is an honor and privilege to serve this special community of service members, veterans and dependents,” she said, “and to now assist these very deserving students as they pursue new dreams for their future.”

The Diana Davis Service Award is one of many awards Henson has received for her work and commitment to students.

Henson has been honored with other awards from WAVES, starting in 2003, when she received the Bill Pearson Lifetime Achievement Award.

Then, in 2006, she received the President’s Award. While president, she received the WAVES Past President Award.

WAVES is not the only organization of which Henson is a member; she is also a member of the Oklahoma Association of Veterans Coordinators & Counselors.

She has served three terms as the organization’s president and received with the OAVCC’s Marshall Webb Lifetime Achievement Award in 1992.

Jill Russo, a recipient of VA benefits, is happy to hear that Henson’s dedication has been noticed.

“It’s always great to see people awarded for their hard work,” said Russo, “especially when their work hard benefit others.”


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