Greek Life Responds to Lounge Transitions

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Kerry Schoonaert
Staff Writer

Cameron University’s academic reconstruction plans brought changes for campus Greek organizations.

The university has continued to discuss moving all faculty offices of the same department to the same building.

Leslie Cothren said the university implemented a set of changes that placed all Communication faculty in the Academic Commons.

This move caused the Greeks to relocate their lounges.

“[The changes] actually [weren’t] budget based at all,” Cothren said. “It was [because] academic departments work better when they’re closer together in proximity, and so they wanted to move Communication all in one spot. That space was prime real estate.”

For that reason, the administration moved the Greek lounge to first floor of South Shepler in the former location of Events Management.

According to Cothren, despite the move from the center of campus, the lounge’s new location has its advantages.

“I think this is a better space for them actually,” Cothren said, “because there’s glass windows on it. You can see what’s in there as opposed to if you didn’t know Greek life was there [and] you didn’t know anything about them.

“So, this is kind of a better recruitment tool [and] better public relations. People can see them as opposed to being hidden behind a wooden door.”

Vice President of Alpha Phi Katelyn Roberson said that she and her sorority sisters see the room movement as an opportunity.

According to Roberson, she and her sorority sisters are happy they still have a common area because there are a lot of other organizations that do not have a space of their own.

“We were kind of upset that we didn’t have our own room,” Roberson said, “but it’s actually that we’re excited for the opportunities we have with the new rooms.”

She also mirrored Cothren’s opinions about the ease of access the new location provides.

“It’s been a positive adjustment,” Roberson said. “We’re getting more involved with the community. We’re more of a presence on campus. It’s helped us come out of our shell, and it’s helped us grow in numbers.”

Aside from the change to lounge location, Alpha Phi is making their own changes.

According to Roberson, the sorority is doing more in the community and speaking up about their activities to get their name out there in hopes of changing stereotypes attached to sororities.

“I feel, if we keep going at this speed, at this momentum,” Roberson said, “all of Greek life will be a known presence on campus.”


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