CUTV: Keeping Fall in Focus

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Zooming In: Senior Communication major DJ Vallier operates a camera during filming for CU News. Students change crew positions weekly to gain experience in every aspect of production. Check out all Cameron University student media at

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With the new academic year in full swing, Cameron’s broadcasting network (CUTV) students are working on a new line up and look for their shows.

CU News
Former “CU News” producer Morgan Thompson graduated and handed the reins to junior Zayna Haliburton.

Dr. Matt Jenkins, Cameron communication professor and executive producer of “CU News”, approached Haliburton about taking over the position last spring. After Thompson also approached Haliburton, they agreed the transition would begin toward the end of the semester.

Haliburton said the knowledge she gained in media practicum gave her the confidence to accept the position.

“When I stepped into that practicum, I didn’t know how to do a news story,” Haliburton said. “I never was in front of a camera; I really didn’t know anything.”

Haliburton is excited for the new responsibilities and worked closely with Thompson learning the duties her new role entailed.

“I kinda already got my hands wet,” Haliburton said. “I knew what to expect because she taught me.”

While Jenkins still remains Executive Producer for “CU News”, Video Production and Industrial Technologies Manager Jeff Larson assumed the title for the remaining CUTV produced shows. Larson said he is looking forward to see what direction the shows will go this semester.

“We’ve had to replace almost 90 percent of our staff,” Larson said. “Haley Berry [has] gone from ‘Film Geek’ to the sports show; it’s going to be interesting to see her transition into that. We have a new host for ‘Film Geek,’ and we actually have a new host for a talk show.”

Film Geek
Former “Film Geek” producer senior Haley Berry now produces the sports show, and senior Alexsis Page stepped in to produce “Film Geek.”

Page, who directed the show last year, said she is looking forward to making some changes.

“I’m excited to do something different and … see what way I can bring more of myself into the show,” Page said.

Page said some changes she hopes to make include the way interviews are conducted, adding more trailers and discussing which movies are earning the most money at the box office.

Savanna Says
“Savanna Says” is new to CUTV programming this year. Senior Savanna Sanders hosts and produces the show, and senior Mary Davis directs.

Davis feels optimistic about the shows ability to resonate with students.

“Savanna has an amazing talent for connecting with her audience,” Davis said. “The show will cover various topics that are relevant to students. Hopefully, the content draws in viewers and the show can evolve to meet their needs.”

Sports Show
As mentioned, a yet-to-be-named sports show will replace last year’s “Game Time.Cu” Berry said she has always been passionate about sports and is excited to feature more of the athletes’ backgrounds on her show.

“I want to be able to show our campus that these athletes don’t just step on a court or a field and play their game,” Berry said. “There’s a story behind them, and I plan on bringing that to light.”

Filming for the sports show begins Thursday Sep. 8.


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