Kiwanis Pancake Days: Helping CKI

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Banana-topped pancakes are a menu star at the California Market bistro at the Highlands Inn.

Erin Owens
Staff Writer

The Lawton chapter of the Kiwanis Club held their annual Pancake Days fundraiser April 1-2 at the Great Plains Coliseum.

Attendees could purchase tickets in advance for $8 or buy them at the door for $10.

Each ticket was good for an unlimited helping of pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage and drink refills.

Lawton resident Sarah Peckinpaugh attended the event for the first time and said she enjoyed herself and would likely return.

“It’s pretty cool,” Peckinpaugh said. “I’m not a pancake person really, but these are actually some pretty good pancakes.”

The Kiwanis Club hosts the fundraiser yearly in order to raise funds to support the community projects, such as the local Key Clubs and Cameron’s chapter of Circle K International (CKI).

CKI district secretary Robbie Day said he appreciated everyone who attended and showed support, and he wants the community to know Kiwanis Club cannot survive without continuous support.

“It’s not really enough for them to just show up, just one day of the year,” Day said. “They need to be actively involved with the Kiwanians because the Kiwanis can do so much for the children of the community.”

Day also said the Kiwanis would benefit by recruiting current community leaders, and he believes Mayor Fred Fitch could generate greater community involvement.

“[I’d like to] see the impact that, you know, even his presence – being in Kiwanis – how that can transform the Lawton community,” Day said.

Day also said that there is a current generation gap between the members of Kiwanis entering the organization and those who are about to advance into Golden K (the senior citizen organization of the Kiwanis family).

Day said the millennial generation has the power and resources to change the world, and it is important for this generation to become involved and teach future generations the importance of service work.

Cameron students can become involved with the Kiwanis by joining CKI, by contacting Robbie Day at or attending the weekly Lawton Kiwanis meetings. The meetings are held at noon every Thursday in the Prairie Room in front of the Great Plains Coliseum.


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