Award winning film, ‘Veda’ accepted into Film Festival

Courtesy of Matt Jenkins

Erin Owens
Staff Writer

Held April 19-24 in Muskogee, Oklahoma, the BareBones International Film Festival will feature independent film maker and Cameron Professor of Communication Dr. Matt Jenkins.

Fans voted Jenkins’ most recent film “Veda” favorite at the Trail Dance Film Festival in January of this year, securing Jenkins the Golden Drover award. This film is nominated for best drama feature at BareBones.

Jenkins and co-director Charles Stanley are nominated for the Autuer award, an award celebrating film makers who take on multiple roles during the process of creating their film.

Additionally, leading lady Dreah Marie, who plays Marla, is nominated for best lead actress in a feature-length film.
Jenkins said that he enjoys the festival experience even though the crowds can be unpredictable.

“It’s a little frustrating when there isn’t an audience there,” Jenkins said. “That has happened before, but then there are other times when there’s standing room only and, you know, that makes it worthwhile.”

“Veda” has been accepted into three film festivals.

Oscar said that the judges felt that “Veda” was exactly the kind of movie that should be screened at their festival because it can be appreciated by all who have a love for movies film.

In 1995, the creators of the BareBones International Film Festival saw a hole in the film and production industry in Oklahoma. In an effort to fill that hole, they hired Gloria Reibin, a chemist who also holds a degree in film production from N.Y.U.

Gloria relocated and began teaching Oscar Dean Ray Sr., director of marketing for BareBones International Film Festival and director of production for BareBones Filmworks, and his wife Shiron the ins and outs of moviemaking.

“She taught me everything she knew about cinematography, sound engineering, lighting and editing,” Ray said.

“Professional digital cameras were in their infancy at that time, so we learned everything using film cameras and film editing equipment.”

Once properly schooled in the art of film making, Ray wanted to share his tools and knowledge with other aspiring filmmakers around the area.

In an effort to gather film enthusiasts, aspiring film makers and established professionals in the film industry, the BareBones International Film Festival was born.

“We wanted to help grow the motion picture industry in Oklahoma and give interested individuals a way [to] be involved in the business without having to pack up and leave for the East or West Coast,” Ray said.

“Since that time we have reviewed almost 10,000 independent movies and screened more than 3,000 movies at the film festival.”

Ray said when choosing which films deserve to be nominated, the selection committee focuses on films that represent the original mission of BareBones: growing the motion picture industry and supporting people making films independently.

Students interested in learning more or attending the BareBones International Film Festival can purchase tickets online at Tickets range from $5-$75 and can be discounted with purchase in advance.


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