World Speech Day: Let your Voice be Heard

Angela Jenkins
Staff Writer

World Speech Day is coming up soon, and one Cameron instructor will be hosting an event to celebrate it.

The holiday will take place on March 15. Since the date falls during Cameron’s spring break, the celebration will be a week later at 5 p.m. on March 22 at the Percolator in Lawton.

This is the first World Speech Day ever, and organizers are hoping to make it an annual tradition for years to come. According to the World Speech Day website, the day celebrates speeches and speech making with a multitude of events in different venues.

“These [events] will happen in schools and colleges, in community halls and university debating chambers, in offices, parliaments, museums and parks – even cafes,” the description read. “Each World Speech Day event needs just three things: a venue, speakers and an audience.”

This event will be family oriented, giving future leaders a day to say whatever they would like. Assistant professor of communication Dr. Teresa Morales will sponsor the event. She says World Speech Day is set aside for people to hear those who may not always speak up.

“World speech ay is a day set aside for people to stand up in front and have something to say,” she said. “Maybe somebody will be listening.”

Morales said she does not plan on talking because she does so every day when teaching class.

“It’s more for people who don’t normally have public voices,” she said. “But authority is welcome to join also”

She does plan to participate in the watching of other speakers on top of running the event. She asks that participants will keep the content clean so that audiences react to the messages, not the verbiage.

“I want people to feel discomfort in the content,” she said, “because ideas do have consequences.”


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