SAPA hosts Voter Registration Drive

Angela Jenkins
Staff Writer

Cameron University’s new organization, Student Advocates for Political Action (SAPA) hosted a voter registration drive Jan. 25-28.
In order to vote in the Oklahoma primary election, citizens must be registered by Feb. 5. SAPA openned a registration booth for students from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the McMahon Centennial Complex.
SAPA president Katie Taylor emphasized the role the organization has in the democratic process.
“People should register to vote because it is the beginning of a journey to protect democracy,” she said.
“We all have an opinion as to what is best for ourselves and everyone else, but by being a registered voter, we can have a direct impact on things like local decisions as well as voting people into local, state or national positions.”
SAPA members directed students to fill out Oklahoma voter registration forms by providing some basic information. Once completed, SAPA mailed off the forms for students.
Dr. Roni O’Dell, SAPA’s faculty advisor, said everyone should use their right to vote.
“Exercising your right to vote means that you are able to influence government decisions about its provision of goods and services to your society,” she said. “Voting is your right as citizen.”
SAPA’s mission is to raise awareness of political issues and encourage involvement through information, activities and community outreach. This year they will be offering a discussion series where they will discuss important political issues and their effects on students.
The next discussion will be Feb. 17 about the candidates for the primary election – who they are and their proposed policies and issues.
Taylor said the discussion series is meant to help clarify the election race for anyone mystified by the political process.
“I have learned that not every issue is as ominous as it can seem and that the smaller issues need to be tended as well,” Taylor said.
SAPA is only a year-old organization that Cameron students started with O’Dell’s encouragement.
“Students in my American government class became interested in politics,” she said, “and they inspired me to encourage them to start an organization in which they would encourage other students to be knowledgeable and involved in politics.”
SAPA meets at 3:30 p.m. every other Wednesday, and they welcome new members.


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