SAPA Hosts Political Discussion

Angela Jenkins
Staff Writer

Student Advocates for Political Action (SAPA) hosted a political discussion on Feb. 17 where students voiced their opinions on the current political candidates.

The discussion was designed to prepare students who want to vote in the Oklahoma primary elections in March.

Topics discussed included student debt – a topic familiar to college students. Assistant professor of History and Government Dr. Roni O’Dell initiated that conversation.

“Bernie Sanders, as well as Hillary Clinton, are really concerned with college debt,” she said.

Some of the candidates consider the current levels of student loan debt overbearing, and in Texas, a man was arrested for having a student loan debt of $1,500.

Students also said history could be made in this year’s election, and Katie Taylor, SAPA president said these candidates stand out.

“With Hillary Clinton, we would have the first female president,” she said, “but with Bernie Sanders, we would have the first Jewish president.”

After the introduction of the candidates, SAPA members and other attendees joined in a discussion about the candidates’ platforms, such as their policies and campaign expenditures.

The students in attendance also brought up the immigration reforms of the candidates and what all the students believe should be done.
Dr O’Dell finished the night with a debate on immigration.

“We all agree that undocumented immigration is problematic,” she said, “and we all have different ways to deal with immigration.”

She also highlighted the differences between republicans and democrats and how they deal with different issues.

SAPA will offer two more discussions this semester. There will be one on March 30 on the subject of homelessness in Lawton and another one on April 20 discussing sexual violence. Each discussion will take place on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 3:30 p.m. in South Shepler room 625.


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