ROTC Cadets Undergo Training at Sunrise

Photo by Vicky Smith

Vicky Smith
Managing Editor

ROTC cadet Jasmine Schultz said the cadets meet for Physical Readiness Training, also known as PT, at 6 a.m. weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
“[The purpose of (PT)] is to improve the cadets’ physical well being, as well as build a cohesive team and help them stay motivated,” Schultz said. “PT is also a leadership opportunity and is the first place cadets learn to stand in front of their peers and lead them.
“Leading them through exercises improves their confidence and helps them learn about their own leadership style.”
Schultz said PT will prepare cadets for the Army’s official PT test.
“In order to commission as a 2nd Lieutenant every cadet is required to pass a PT test,” she said. “PT in ROTC is designed to give cadets an example of Army PT and help them understand expectations and what is required to pass that PT test.”


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