New Club on Campus: Circle K

Courtesy of Maggie Collins
Service in action: Members of the Cameron chapter of the Circle K International (CKI) organization volunteer for the Salvation Army. CKI recently received its charter and is now a Cameron student organization.

Erin Owens
Staff Writer

The Cameron University chapter of Circle K International (CKI) has received its charter and is now recognized as an official Cameron-affiliated organization.
Members of CKI focus on service to the community, producing local leaders and fellowship between CKI members.
It is the collegiate member of the Kiwanis family of organizations; the high school version Key Club is what inspired Cameron’s CKI officers to bring Circle K to campus.
CKI president Robbie Day and vice president Maggie Collins were both members of Key Club in high school and missed the service opportunities Key Club provided.
Day had already been familiar with starting a new chapter of an organization after he brought Key Club to his high school during his senior year.
Day said that the process of becoming Cameron-affiliated wasn’t easy, but he was happy to put in the work to make it happen.
“I didn’t worry about the time,” he said. “If it’s something that you’re passionate about, go for it. I’ve dedicated countless hours a week to this organization, but I’m really passionate about it, so I’m going to make time for it.
“The paperwork was lengthy, but really it’s recruiting, building your memberships and constantly spreading your name where it really gets hard.”
Day, Collins and other members wasted no time getting started. Before the affiliation process began, they were organizing small service projects like cleaning up trash at Lake Elmer Thomas last August.
CKI members spent the entire fall semester getting involved with service work by participating in ringing bells for the Salvation Army and working with Feed the Children.
CKI’s upcoming service projects include a bubble run in March and Relay for Life in April.
Collins said CKI officers also spend time helping Key Clubs in the area however they can.
“We attend the meetings, and we just listen to what they need help with,” Collins said. “When they needed help selling their Relay for Life shirts, we sold their shirts for them, so they could run everything else. We just listen to what they need help with.
“If they have any questions about college or if they have any questions about service, we are there for them,” Collins said.
“Sometimes if there is anything that we are doing that we need their help with, we will go to them, and we all just work together.”
The Cameron University chapter of CKI is one of the fastest growing chapters.
Day also plans on becoming more involved with the Texas/Oklahoma district of CKI.
Collins plans to run for CKI president while Day will take the steps required to become secretary on the district board.
CKI also offers $5000 worth of scholarships to its members.
The Cameron chapter of CKI will meet again at 6:30 p.m., Feb. 15, in Ross Hall Room 111. Day and Collins encourage anyone interested to come.
“We also want people to know there is no age limit,” Collins said. “Even if you are a mom you can bring your kids. We are very inclusive and anyone and everyone is more than welcome to join.”
For more information about CKI visit their Facebook page at


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