Keeping Busy In and Out of Classroom

Erin Owens
Staff Writer

Morgan Thompson is a senior communication major who likes to keep busy. Thompson stays active attending classes, producing CU News, working part time and interning for Goodyear in their communication department.

Thompson said she wouldn’t have her packed schedule any other way.

“I feel like it just comes with the territory,” she said. “I’m not here to just be here and just go to school. I’ve always wanted to be involved, and I like being busy, so it’s not new to me, and I don’t have a problem with it at all.”

Thompson will graduate in May with her bachelor’s degree in communication focusing on radio and TV production. She has worked on various broadcasts at Cameron, her fondest being “Let’s talk”, and stepped into her current position as CU News producer in August.

Last month, she began a paid internship with Goodyear working with their staff to edit and produce films mostly aimed at promoting company morale. Thompson said she would like it if her internship turned into a permanent position, but she isn’t going to be discouraged if it doesn’t.

“I would be very thankful if it did [continue],” she said, “but if it didn’t, it would just give me good experience and something good to put on my resume.”

Thompson has been enjoying her experience with Goodyear and feels her education at Cameron has prepared her well.

“It helped me a lot because a lot of the things that I learned here, like working on the programming and knowing about deadlines and everything, it really just transferred over there,” she said.

“They use a different type of programming, but because we’ve used several different types, it wasn’t hard for me to pick up on it.”

Thompson has taken many hours of radio and TV classes as well as worked on multiple shows but has found that her internship has provided her with the opportunity to learn even more about production.

“The people are so nice over there [Goodyear] and they’re welcoming,” she said. “They always try to teach me new things and I think that’s what I like most about it, that I’m learning different stuff and it’s just something new.”

Thompson, the youngest of three children, wasn’t initially sold on a college education. She had her sights set on joining military service.

Her mother, who has her bachelor’s degree in business and is working on her masters, and her father, who works at Goodyear in their final-finish department, encouraged her to try schooling instead of the service.

They hoped an education would broaden her horizons and felt like she would have better opportunities in her future if she earned a degree.

Thompson said that the time has flown by and she now agrees with her parent’s idea of how important an education is. Her advice to journalism and media production students starting out at Cameron is to get involved.

“Try out all of it,” she said. “Don’t be afraid to go help on the shows, don’t be afraid to even work on the Collegian. Just try every aspect of it, because you need to know what you like [and] if you don’t try it, you won’t know if you’re any good at it.”


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