Dayhoff to Host ‘Lazer Team’ Movie

Angela Jenkins
Staff Writer

Cameron student Kaytlen Dayhoff is hosting a viewing of the movie “Lazer Team” at 8:30 p.m. on Feb. 11 at Patriot Cinemas in Lawton.
“Lazer Team” follows four protagonists who discover alien technology only to be pursued by the government as they fight to save humanity.
“Lazer Team” is directed by Matt Hullum and stars such Rooster Teeth employees as Burnie Burns, Gavin Free and Michael Jones.
According to the movie’s website, “‘Lazer Team’ is the first feature film from pioneering studio Rooster Teeth, the creators of the longest-running web series in history, ‘Red vs Blue.’ In 2014 ‘Lazer Team’ smashed crowdfunding records when the film raised more than $2.6 million on IndieGoGo.”
Dayhoff said she is a big fan of these producers and is really hoping to see this movie at the new theater.
“I have not yet seen the movie,” she said, “but I have watched a lot of their other works. I binge watched most of their popular content, may have watched a lot of it but it is probably not even half of what they’ve got.”
For the event to even happen, 53 people must register to attend or it will be cancelled. Tickets are $12.50 and are available for purchase online at


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