Converging CU News and the Collegian

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Making Magic on CU News: Senior communication major and CU News producer Morgan Thompson works behind the scenes during the news broadcast.

Vicky Smith
Managing Editor

New this semester is the convergence of CU News and the Cameron Collegian – the merging of broadcast and print media.

Producer of CU News Morgan Thompson, senior communications major, said she and the CU News newscast have started welcoming Collegian editors on camera.

“We wanted to really push the convergence of the journalism and the radio-TV side,” she said, “so we’ve started with interviewing somebody every week about a story that’s going to be in the Collegian. It’s really a joint effort between me, Dr. J [Jenkins], Mr. Bublitz, and the Collegian [staff].”

Thompson said she believes the practice of converging the two types of media will benefit students when they graduate.

“It’s very effective,” she said. “It’s good to be well rounded because any job you take, they’re going to want you to know how to write stories, as well as doing some video and knowing how to be on camera and knowing how to edit.

“You’ll have more of an opportunity to get any type of job, and you’ll be more qualified for it.”

Thompson said viewers of CU News can expect to see stories that directly pertain to Cameron University.

“Our main audience is the students and the faculty and the staff,” she said, “and we want it to be something that they can relate to.

“We’re really trying to cover stories that are really important to the students, and we’re really covering the budget, … so that’s going to be something that you’ll see a lot more in the next coming weeks.”

So far, CU News has featured three Collegian editors on camera, the first one being sports editor Jacob Jardel, who explained how students can register to vote.

According to Thompson, the more time the print and broadcast students work together, the more they bond.

“I just want us to all feel like a family,” she said. “I think it’s a little bit harder when everybody has all these crazy schedules.
“But … people who have been there earlier or before, have really taken the newer students under their wing. They’re helpful.”

Thompson said offering encouragement to others is an important part of working on a team.

“It’s very important to encourage each other because college is not easy,” she said. “It’s good to have people who understand what you’re going through – like fellow classmates who know the course loads gets heavy. … We’re all here to help each other and build each other up.”

According to Thompson, when she first started working on CU News, she was nervous to ask others for assistance.

“Sometimes you’ll need help on things,” she said, “but you can always learn something from somebody else. It’s good to talk to each other.”

Thompson began working with CU News her sophomore year, after she decided to change her major from English to communications.

“I had a fundamentals of broadcasting class, and I liked it,” she said. “That’s when I started over here.

“The first year I helped [with CU News] was the sports show. … From there, I directed ‘Let’s Talk’ with Kim [Garner], and then after that, I went on to be the producer of CU News.”

Thompson said she did not receive any experience in broadcasting in high school, and initially, she was not even comfortable being on camera.

“The more I did it, it really just became easier and easier for me,” she said. “[I] still get nervous. … I think you’ll always get nervous, but I think that’s okay. You just handle it a little differently.”

Thompson said her favorite part of her job is its unpredictable nature.

“You think you have everything set,” she said, “and something is going to be different. Something is not going to go like you planned, but you really have to think on your toes. … I know how to manage things, and that’s fun for me.”

Thompson said students who would like to be a part of CU News or who would like to contribute story ideas can come talk to her or send her an email at

“You might like it, and you might not,” she said. “That was me. I didn’t know if I would like it, but I ended up loving it.

“If that’s not your thing, try something in a different department because you might love it. Just try something new.”

To view archived episodes of CU News and other student broadcasts or to read articles and issues of the Cameron Collegian, visit

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