Board sets 2016/2017 Housing Rates

Eugene Patterson
Staff Writer

Following an approval by Rogers State Board of Regents, Cameron University set housing and board rates for next fall 2016 and spring 2017 semesters.

The housing rates for Cameron University students will not be raised for the current semesters while board rates will increase slightly for the next school year.

The new change in board rates will be implemented Aug. 1.

Although there will be a few changes to some of the fees associated with room and board, Vice President or Business and Finance Ninette Carter said Cameron has fought to keep housing rates affordable for all students who wish to live on campus to continue their education.

“Cameron University has worked diligently to keep its housing rates among the lowest in this state,” Carter said. “Holding rates at current levels will allow the University housing options to remain as affordable as possible.”

This news comes amid discussion about potential budget cuts for some schools in Oklahoma.

For residents of both the Cameron Village and the Shepler Halls, the room rates have stayed the same and will show no increase for the next two semesters.

Also staying the same from the previous year is the policy for all students living on campus to participate in a food service plan to ensure that they have access to a balanced and nutritional meal throughout the semester.

It also serves as an opportunity to build a community in an on campus dining environment.

Over the past few years, the university’s food service costs have increased 2-5 percent each year. Board and commuter plans only increased by 3.28 percent last year.

The rate increase will ensure student access to quality foods at times that convenience them. It also helps offset increased costs associated with the university’s food service contract.

Cameron University’s average rate for room and board this academic year was 51.8 percent less than the national average rate of $10,138 for public 4-year institutions.

Cameron students will continue to pay less than most students at comparable universities in the state and significantly less than the national average.

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