Students edit for the Oklahoma Review

Courtesy of Bayard Godsave

Kristen Bass
Staff Writer

In the year 2000, Cameron students and faculty, including former faculty member Teri McGrath, started The Oklahoma Review. Dr. Bayard Godsave, an associate professor of English and foreign arts, said the Oklahoma Review is published twice a year.
“The Oklahoma Review is an online magazine that publishes poetry, fiction, nonfiction and art from writers and artists around the country,” Godsave said, “but with a preference and eye out for work from Oklahoma, Texas and surrounding states.”
Contributors to the Oklahoma Review are usually professional writers or students in graduate writing programs, but submissions are open to everyone.
Godsave said students work on the magazine as editors.
“I believe it was [established] to give students a unique opportunity to work on all aspects of magazine publishing in order to enhance their professional portfolios,” he said.
According to Godsave, the magazine has blossomed over the past four years.
“We’ve worked with students in the art department to come up with a consistent and recognizable design scheme and have tried to include work from contributors that reflects the experience of living in Southwest Oklahoma,” Godsave said, “but that also tends to lean a little more experimental than you might find in other magazines.”
For more information on the Oklahoma Review and how to get involved, visit or email Dr. Godsave at


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