Student prepares for holidays by making crafts

Tyla Eakins
Student Life Editor
The holidays will be here soon, and while it may be easier to buy a gift for friends and family, senior early childhood education major Jessica Chapman believes the holidays mean more than that.
Chapman spends her holidays wholeheartedly celebrating Christmas.
“Christmas means different things to different people,” Chapman said, “but to me, Christmas is a time to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth. I also believe it is a time to give and show kindness to others.”
Chapman finds that the best gifts are one’s people create themselves. She feels each gift she makes includes part of herself.
“A gift that you make will always mean more to the receiver because you have put a part of yourself into the gift,” Chapman said.
Chapman started crafts at an early age, so making things comes easy to her. She said it brings back memories of her with her mother and grandmother.
“I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t making crafts,” Chapman said. “I grew up making crafts with my mom and grandma. When I turned thirteen, I started babysitting and doing crafts with them.”
Chapman makes an assortment of crafts for gifts and for her and her families own enjoyment. Craft making is a family event for the Chapmans.
“My mom, sister and I always make baked goods at Christmas time, so I will give some baked goods,” she said.
Chapman said her favorite craft to make is food. She said she hopes to give the children she babysits the same skill and enjoyment from making crafts she has developed from her childhood.
“I love to cook,” Chapman said, “but I also love to make crafts with the kids I babysit.”
Chapman said she will be giving gifts she makes this year to her friends and family like she has done for the last several.
“I also love to crochet and plan on making pot holders for everyone this year.”


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