Remembering the important lessons

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Kaley Patterson A&E Editor @KaleyKayPatt

Kaley Patterson
A&E Editor

It’s cliche to say the last four years of my life flew by, but I can’t think of a better way to describe the quick passing of my college career.

During my time at Cameron I became more involved on campus than I planned on, but my position as an editor at The Cameron Collegian and my job a the CU Alumni Association gave me experience and memories I will hold onto while the rest my life goes by.

I became Copy Editor at the Collegian this past fall. All summer I was nervous about the position at the paper. I knew nothing about being a copy editor – I had just learned how to write a news story of my own.

I remember my first time copy editing, and CUTV Producer Jamal Parker’s computer in the lab shut down. So, our adviser Mr. David Bublitz came back up to the school to check it out.

He ended up staying longer helping me with the editing when I had questions – all the while teaching me different tactics and assuring me I was doing a good job.

Just when I became comfortable with editing copy, we had a change in staff that allowed me to step up as the Arts and Entertainment editor. I wasn’t as nervous about this position as I was with the copy editing position because I made good friends and colleagues with all of the other editors. I knew they would help me adapt to the new position, so I wasn’t worried in the least bit.

In my time in those positions, the staff at the Collegian – Charlie Belew, Jacob Jardel, Krista Pylant, Vicky Smith, Joel Frambes, Jereme Cobb and Mr. Bublitz – has become an extended family I will carry in my heart after I walk across the stage and all the places I’ll go.

Thank you all for loving this grumpy cat.

On top of my time at the Collegian, I have been working as a student worker at the Alumni Association – a job I accepted my freshman year.

When I started, I didn’t know the people in that office, Jennifer McGrail and Diana Smith, would become like a mother and a grandmother to me. They are women who challenged me and continue to do so while encouraging me to pursue my goals without fear.

Aside from learning life tips from Jennifer and Diana, I learned a thing or two about the importance of loyalty.

Jennifer and I will both be leaving Cameron in May. Jennifer started working at the university seven and one half years ago.

While under her supervision I learned the importance of being a loyal alumna, and I plan to carry this knowledge with me after I move my tassel from one side to the other.

With Jennifer departing, I hope the university seeks to put a person in that position who understands the importance of Cameron and its alumni. Over these four years I had the pleasure of meeting and maintaining relationships with some of the sweetest, humblest and most loving former students.

Whether they were on the alumni board, graduated with a degree or attended Cameron without obtaining a diploma, they all showed a desire to benefit the university for current and future students. I just hope I can show this same passion in the future.

When I met some CU alumni, I realized the importance of a Cameron diploma. I would discuss with them my degree and my aspirations for the future, and they would encourage me to keep pursuing everything while telling me about their time at Cameron and how they have used that degree.

Without these inspiring alumni I think I would be more apprehensive about graduating. After hearing their stories, though, I knew that my degree from Cameron has value beyond measure.

The alumni I met not only dedicated their time to their alma mater but also donated money to the university when students needed scholarships, new buildings needed construction and achievements needed celebrating.

They’re the boosters and cheerleaders of Cameron University.

I cannot stress any more the importance of the Cameron University Alumni Association. I hope when I leave the organization will still be intact so I can become one of the alumni who influenced me while I was a student. This is crucial for incoming students, retaining students and graduates.

I’m going to miss Cameron University and all of those who I came in contact with and built relationships during my four years here. I hope I appreciated everything I had at this university.

I know I won’t be leaving empty handed, but you never know what you’re going to miss until flies out your window.


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