Graduation: finishing up with a different high note

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Jereme Cobb Content Editor @JeremeCobb

Jereme Cobb
Content Editor

As graduation nears, I reflect on everything that has happened over the years. I’ve made new lifelong friends, learned a lot, worked a whole lot, and I’ve changed for the better.

Before college, I never would have guessed life would work out this way. I had always hated school, hadn’t really planned on college and figured if I did go to college, I’d do my basics at CU and then transfer. I didn’t plan to stay at CU and never imagined I’d graduate with honors.

Clearly life had other plans. Not only has college helped me to mature as a person, but my thought process and the way I see things has changed. I’ve also learned to stay flexible and reach for what seems unattainable, while staying grounded.

I have two major passions: singing and filming. When I began my journey at Cameron I decided to pursue singing as a career. I enjoyed most of the classes and developed myself stylistically and vocally.

But as I got further into the degree, I felt like the information was good, but the degree itself, had little value for me in a competitive job market. Most of the music graduates I know either can’t find work in the field or teach high school and below, with few notable exceptions.

Since neither of those options sounded appealing to me, I decided to do something more practical. Since the university does not have audio engineering, recording arts, or a film degree, I decided to major in communication (radio/ television) and later chose multimedia as my minor.

While I miss music and hope to pursue it later in life, I am glad I chose radio/television and multimedia. I’ve had the opportunity to intern on an indie film, direct for CUTV, and edit for “The Cameron University Collegian.”

I never imagined working or writing for print, let alone winning awards.

I believe I am well on my way to hopefully having a successful career. However, there are obstacles in my path. I want to get into scripted television or film production, and hopefully work with major studios/production companies.

Being in a state that’s completely away from the majority of this industry, without a degree in film, with little experience in this field, and a degree from a little known school, I certainly have my work cut out for me. Maybe I’ll get lucky. Maybe I won’t.

While at times I wish I had had the resources to go to film school or a recording arts school, and take advantage of the opportunities they afford, Cameron was a great choice for me.

My program and its faculty allowed me the freedom to create my own show and to take on major responsibilities and gave me resources to take on side projects, to experiment, and to see how things are in the real world.

While I still dream of one day becoming a recording artist like Michael Buble or Sam Smith, or of becoming a director and cinematographer like Joss Whedon, for now I will finish up my studies and keep pushing myself, learning and search for a job.

I know dreams are rarely obtained, but I will keep reaching, knowing only those who try will ever succeed. Life hasn’t gone as I expected so far, so maybe I’ll never obtain my dreams. But I never really dreamed I’d graduate from college, nonetheless with good grades. Maybe life will surprise me yet again.

To our families, faculty, and staff: Thank you for your encouragement, support, patience, and love. Many of us would not have made it here without you. Thank you!

To the class of 2015: Congratulations on your success. It’s been awesome getting to know some of you, and it’s been a crazy ride, but we did it! I encourage you to go out and make your families and faculty proud, and never stop reaching for your dreams, and GO AGGIES!


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