SGA weekly: March 9, 2015

Kaley Patterson
A&E Editor

The CU SGA hosted special guest speaker Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Ronna Vanderslice at their meeting on March 2. The governing body also questioned a new resolution.

Vanderslice discussed several topics with the CU SGA last Monday: the university’s strategic and master plans, Cameron’s strength and weaknesses and her yearly summer camp for kids with disabilities, Cameron University’s Camp of Champs. Vanderslice also accepted questions from the governing body.

SGA Vice President Nikki Kirk and Treasurer Casey Meek presented Resolution 3114008 to the governing body for first reading and questioning. The legislation calls for “the prohibition of concealed carry weapons (CCW) on college and university campuses.” The bill argues that armed students, faculty and staff would not make campuses safer.

In Oklahoma it is illegal for anyone to carry a weapon on state institution campuses even if it is a concealed carry. Kirk said there are multiple bills in the Oklahoma House of Representatives and Senate that deal with concealed carry on college campuses: HB 1143, HB 1265, SB 557, SB 461, SB 212 and SB 553. All of the bills currently reside in the House Public Safety and Senate Public Safety Committees.

Resolution 3114008 will go into second reading, questioning and voting at the next CU SGA meeting on March 9.


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