Small changes for a big difference

Photo by Charlene Belew

Marie Bagwell
Staff Writer

In keeping with this year’s sustainability festival theme, Cameron University students, faculty and staff could soon see changes in sustainability practices on campus with the establishment of the new Go Green Committee.

Several buildings around campus already have recycling receptacles for cans, paper and plastic. But Dean of Student Services and member of the Go Green recommendation committee Zeak Naifeh said one problem with the current recycling is they are not used properly.

“The problem comes when someone puts other trash in there, Naifeh said. “So if you have an entire bag full of plastic bottles but then someone comes around and puts pizza in it, that entire bag is now wasted.”

Naifeh said one possible solution would be for the Go Green Committee to start recycling education. He believes seminars and workshops would be the best route to educate students, faculty and staff of recycling practices.

The Go Green Committee would also provide an avenue for different ideas of sustainability practices from students, faculty and staff. Naifeh said those who wish to contribute ideas to the committee would do so by contacting anyone on the committee to make their suggestions.

Current Chair of Faculty Senate, Dr. Sarah Janda, said the Go Green Committee has been a work in progress since 2009.

Janda said one of the responsibilities of a standing Go Green Committee would be deciding who is responsible for all of the programs, including who would be responsible for collecting recycling.

With the festival year being sustainability and the Go Green recommendation committee being well-organized and consisting of members from the Student Government Association, Physical Facilities, Physical Plant and the Science Department, Janda is optimistic that President John MacArthur will approve a standing committee.

Janda said she feels the Going Green Committee is important “because over the last several years there has certainly been a move, whether for budgetary or environmental reasons, or both, to find ways to conserve, to improve recycling policies to make campus greener.

“I think they could get quite a bit done and have a very positive impact on the campus… I’d be very happy to see it come to fruition.” Janda said.


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