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Photo by Kaley Patterson

Photo by Kaley Patterson

Marie Bagwell
Staff Writer

According the Netflix website, online streaming of Netflix first launched in 2007, which was two years before Netflix reached a total of 4.2 million viewers. Now, seven years later, Netflix has over 50 million members around the world.

Some people stream Netflix using their video game consoles or laptops. Others streamers use Internet connected televisions or streaming players.

Netflix has revolutionized the way television is watched.

Netflix introduced a new term to the world: binge-watching. If one types “binge” in the Google search bar, the two word suggestion “watching Netflix” will appear below. After pressing the enter key, one will discover several recommended shows to see while on a “binge watch.”

The Netflix original series have turned into massive binge-watching hits, earning 31 primetime Emmy nominations in 2013, according to the Netflix website.

“House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black” are the two television shows that brought Netflix their Emmy nominations and wins.

A few other campus favorites include BBC’s “Sherlock,” AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” “The Walking Dead” and FX’s “Sons of Anarchy.”

Tiffany Watson, a political science major, said she enjoys watching “House of Cards” because it appeals to politics in unique way.

“It’s kind of an extreme version of what our political system is,” Watson said.

Watson said the main character of “House of Cards,” Frank Underwood, is her favorite because he narrates into the camera, making him sound as if “he is actually talking to you personally.”

Watson also enjoys “The Walking Dead” for its zombie aspect, as well as the survival techniques and protective relationships among its characters.

She said her favorite character is Carol because of her development throughout the show.

“You see such a big transition from a weak housewife, abused housewife to complete badass,” Watson said.

Watson said “Orange is the New Black” follows women who are placed into the prison system and who must learn how to cope with their situations.

“It’s how they form their own little groups and inner-circles and families,” she said.

Ultimately, the show appeals to her through its political realm.

Korin Sanda, a nursing major, is also a Netflix-watcher. She likes to watch “House of Cards,” as well “Damages,” “The L Word,” “Breaking Bad,” “Arrested Development” and “Dexter.”

According to the Internet Movie Database, “Dexter” is about a police forensics expert in Miami who brings his own form of justice to criminals who have escaped proper justice. His form of justice is killing those who escaped justice.

Netflix offers eight seasons, all 96 episodes, of “Dexter,” and Netflix original “House of Cards” has two seasons, all 26 episodes, or chapters as they are referred to on Netflix, to binge-watch. Netflix offers thousands of other television shows to meet the binge watching needs of every viewer.


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