Trail of Fears, more than just Thrills

Photo by Marie Bagwell

Photo by Marie Bagwell

Marie Bagwell
Staff Writer

The Trail of Fear Haunted Scream Park is the largest haunted attraction in Oklahoma. named the Trail of Fear “one of the best haunts in the country” in 2012 and voted it as the scariest haunted attraction for the past four years.

In its 17th year, the Trail of Fear was open every weekend of Oct. and offered new haunted attractions.

A magic show by Ron Wilson debuted this year, along with the Black Swan Pirate Ship Museum.

Doll Creek is the park’s take on famous murderer Delphine LaLaurie, focusing on her lack of friends as a child, who were compensated for with dolls.

The Experiment is a haunted attraction featuring Michael Kultra, a twisted doctor. Escorted into a dark room with the doctor, patrons must escape from his twisted mind.

Cirque De Morte is a 3D circus labyrinth. Patrons don 3D glasses before entering the labyrinth and must make their way past several psychotic clowns.

Pumpkin Junction is an attraction geared towards younger children. This year’s junction offered a costume parade, Halloween stories, a tunnel of light and a maze – all family friendly activities.

The Trail of Fear also offers food for customers at the Boo House BBQ, which serves BBQ, hot cocoa, soft drinks and more. Additionally, customers can purchase treats in the Apothescary Souvenir Shoppe.

Brandon Jackiewicz was a first year actor at the park, as well as a first time attendee.

Jackiewicz, who participated as a volunteer, said he always loved Halloween and wanted to be involved in a haunted attraction.

He said he did not participate solely for the sake of scaring visitors; the behind-the-scenes worked also sparked his attention.

“I wanted to see the work that goes into creating the scares,” Jackiewicz said, “the people behind the scenes, the things that the customers never get to see.”

Jackiewicz played the role of Doctor Chuckles, the clown physician who prowled in a claustrophobic room within Cirque De Morte, waiting for patients to stumble upon him.

He said he hopes to reprise the role again next year or “possibly imagine a new character within the circus.”

Jackiewicz’s said one most enjoyable parts of volunteering for the Trail of Fear was “the comradery between the actors.”

“You meet new people for the first time,” he said, “and you are tossed into situation[s] where you are asked to rely on one another to work together and create this attraction.”

Jackiewicz said one of the most critical aspects of creating a haunted attraction is teamwork.

“You have to rely on them to give you your signals,” he said, “just as you are expected to play your part for them. That’s by far the best part of volunteering at the Trail of Fear and definitely one of the reasons I plan on returning next year.”



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