Lawton Community Theatre to perform ‘The Game’s Afoot’


Photo by Marie Bagwell

Marie Bagwell
Staff Writer

The Lawton Community Theatre will be performing Ken Ludwigs’ “The Game’s Afoot” on Dec 5-7 and 11-14.

“The Game’s Afoot” is loosely based on the real-life William Gillette, who was an actor, playwright and stage manager.

This light-hearted murder mystery takes place during Christmas time in 1936.

Director Mike Taylor said the main character, William Gillette, is a travelling performer who performs Sherlock Holmes plays. While at a performance, Gillette is shot by an audience member.

Taylor said he immediately thought the show “would be a lot of fun to do” after reading the script.

Hilarity ensues as Gillette attempts to solve his own assault, and then is met with the conundrum of a murder of a friend.

Taylor said the show is family friendly.

“There’s no profanity in it,” he said. “The folks that are in the show are very good. I think people will have a good time watching it. I think it will be a nice change for the holidays.”


Photo by Marie Bagwell

Though the play addresses a serious subject matter, Taylor said it’s dealt with in a light manner.

Cecile Simmons plays the role of Inspector Goring, who Simmons said is a “kind of quirky … hodge-podge character.”

Simmons said the show brings together a great group of people, including the director, crew, cast and troupe.

Allison Offield, who plays the role Aggie Wheeler, said she stopped frequently to laugh when she first read the script.

“I have to audition for this,” she said she would say. “This is too funny – it’s a hoot.”

Content with simple participation, Offield said she would have been happy with any role in the production.

Wendell Durham, who plays the role of Simon Bright, said at one point in the show, one of the characters must remind Gillette that he’s not really Holmes.

“I think it’s a fun play,” Durham said. “It’s kind of fast-paced comedy, kind of a who-done-it.”

Scott Hofmann, the set, sound and light designer, said people will get lots of laughs out of the play.

Hofmann said it will be an opportunity for people “to take their mind off Christmas shopping, the weather and everything else, and be entertained.”

Seats can be reserved for “The Game’s Afoot” by calling the Lawton Community Theatre Box Office at 580-355-1600.




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