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Public Affairs

Dear Aggie,

I received an ‘I’ grade at the end of the Spring 2014 semester. I tried to contact my instructor to see what the problem was as soon as I found out about the ‘I’ in May, but the instructor was not present after that semester. I still have the ‘I’ grade and may be losing my scholarship for the Spring 2015 semester – my last at Cameron. What is the Cameron policy involving ‘I’ grades, and what can the university do to help students fix it?

Sincerely, Dealing

Dear Dealing,

If it helps clarify the situation, the Cameron website provides a list of regulations regarding grades of ‘Incomplete’ in the Academic Regulations section of its Undergraduate Catalog.

It says, “An incomplete may be given (at an instructor’s discretion) to a student whose grade average is passing, but who did not complete a course at the end of a term.” So, the instructor in question may not have felt you completed all the necessary course work by the end of the semester.

According to policy, a student who receives the grade has no more than a year from the end of the semester in question to complete the work for the class without re-enrolling in it. However, another route you could take is appealing the grade.

The regulation regarding this process says, “The only basis for a formal appeal of a final grade is whether the student’s final grade was assigned fairly within the grading system adopted by the faculty member.” If you feel you received this grade unfairly, you can take the appeal route.

The appeals process for final grades follows a specific procedure, including a variety of hearings and appellate opportunities. For more information on the Appeals and Review process, visit and Review. You can find the necessary forms in the Office of Academic Affairs (Administration Building room 250).

Regardless, the first step will always be to speak with the chair of the department to see what steps to take. Whether you get a more immediate answer or get assistance en route to the appeal, a talk with the department chair will get you on the right path.

The university offers various ways to assist students in the deliberation of their final grades. You just need to know where to look.

Sincerely, Aggie

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