CU gets spooky

Photo by Staff

Photo by Staff

Marie Bagwell
Staff Writer

The Cameron University Halloween Carnival brought vampires, princesses, ninja turtles, Spiderman and many other characters under the same roof.

PAC held the carnival from 6-8 p.m. on Oct. 29 in the Aggie Rec Center.

The event provided a safe atmosphere for students and families with children to participate in Halloween activities.

Many different organizations, including Multimedia Club, the Art Guild, Psi Chi and the Nepalese Association, lined the walls of the Rec Center with activity booths.

Children put in some work to get treats at the booths by participating in activities, such as reaching their hands into a gooey mystery substance to obtain a prize. Psi Chi gave attendees the chance to pie a Disney villain, while Sigma Alpha Omega offered face painting.

Cameron student Lora Miller said it was her and her children’s first time to attend the carnival.

Miller said she “just thought it would be something safe and fun to go do” with her five, three and one-year-old.

Miller enjoyed watching her ninja turtle, Iron Patriot and little vampire engage in activities.

“I like them getting to play games and getting to work hard for something,” Miller said, “not just getting it handed to them.”

She said the little ones especially enjoyed getting their faces painted.

Miller said they would probably attend the carnival again next year since her kids seemed to have a great time.

Guests also had the opportunity to guess the amount of jelly beans in glass jars for prizes, go as low as they could go in Limb-Boo and knock down large candy corn pins in a game of candy corn bowling.

In the middle of the Rec Center stood a bouncy house from Journey Productions.

Joshua Kirk Tyler, a Cameron graduate, said his girls, ages two and four, enjoyed the bouncy house most.

“There are very few things that the kids can do during the Halloween holiday that are safe and fun for the ages I have,” Tyler said.

Tyler and his wife Jette, a freshmen business administration major, have taken their girls to the carnival the past three years.

“It is great that Cameron does this,” said Tyler. “…It is always a good feeling when you see your kids having fun. It was a fun and exciting event that we never miss.”


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