Aggies get fit, crush calories

Photo Courtesy of Christina Hood

Photo Courtesy of Christina Hood

Smith Steigleder
News Writing Student

Christina Hood does her part to get CU students and get fit and have fun. Hood’s many exercise classes, held at the Aggie Rec Center, draw large crowds and loyal followers. She has also recently opened her own studio, Beyond Fitness with Christina.

Hood is native to Lawton, a graduate of MacArthur High School and the mother of four children.

“I have been at Cameron for over a year now,” Hood said. “I really wanted to follow my passion in health and fitness, so I got my personal trainer certification.

“Afterwards, I got Insanity certified then came here and got hired. I started teaching and then got certified in about five or six other certifications as well.”

Hood teaches a variety of exercise classes at the Cameron Rec Center.

“I teach 18 classes a week here at Cameron,” she said. “A lot of the classes I teach are at night, and some I do early, like at 6:15 in the morning.”

Some of the classes she teaches include Butts and Guts, Insanity and Ripped. Each class she teaches works a different part of the body.

Hood said Butts and Guts is the most popular class she teaches.

“I usually have between 30 to 40 people come to it,” she said. “In this class, we use weights, and we focus mostly on the lower half of the body. I started teaching this class this semester, and it meets at 7:30 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays.”

Hood said all students can participate in the classes, regardless of their fitness levels.

“It is easy for beginners,” she said. “I make my classes where really anybody can do it. They go at their own level, and I show modifications for every exercise I do, so they don’t feel intimidated.

“That’s why I have had such good success because when people come, they really feel comfortable. They just do whatever they can. I will show three different ways that you can do one exercise, so they don’t feel like they can’t keep up.”

According to Hood, there are numerous reasons why students should stay active.

“Overall, lifestyle,” Hood said, “how they feel. It will help them not only live longer but boost their energy levels for school and studying. It is not all about losing weight – getting healthy will boost their confidence.”

Hood knows students are busy, but a packed schedule should not deter them from living healthy lifestyles.

“Students need to stay focused and come every day that they can,” she said. “A lot of times things happen, like midterms, but they still have to make it a lifestyle. They can do something at home or go outside and walk. I always encourage somebody, if they can’t come to my class, to do something – anything to keep them moving because 20-30 minutes is better than nothing.”

Hood encourages students to take that first step on the road to fitness.

“I believe that first step is probably the hardest,” she said, “and everybody has to start somewhere. Everybody that comes to my class is on different levels and is different sizes and shapes. Just take that first step, and do what you can.”

All the classes Hood teaches are paid for through the fees students pay each semester to attend Cameron.

A calendar of Hood’s classes, as well as other exercise classes offered at Cameron, is found on the Aggie Rec Center homepage.


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