SGA Weekly: October 6, 2014

Kaley Paterson (SGA)
Kaley Patterson
Copy Editor

Last week’s SGA meeting gave the governing body their first new order of business – resolution 3114002.

In her legislation, author of the semesters first legislation and SGA Vice President Nikki Kirk called for the regulation of landscaping hours in the areas surrounding on-campus housing.

Reasons for requesting this change include the close proximity to student housing in which motorized landscaping equipment is operated and the current hours of operation that interfere with student sleeping hours.

The legislation would like to resolve this issue by asking for the prohibition of operating motorized landscaping equipment before 7 a.m. The Presidential and Faculty Senate will have to approve the legislation before it can go into effect on the perspective date of Oct. 30, 2014.

Resolution 3114002 went in for first questioning at Mondays meeting and will go to second questioning next week.

The governing body approved of Parliamentarian Zak Rajpari with 34 in the yes, zero in the no and zero in abstention. SGA members also approved the members of the Legislation Committee. This committee will review legislations with the authors and Kirk before they are presented to the governing body.

Legislative Committee

William Irby

Alex Kolinski

Zak Rajpari

James Wilson

Lacey Flaig

Victoria Boudiette

Patrick Perez

Misty Gerhard

John Ringler



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